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Hiked up to Hidden Valley again today, from a different trail. Had lots of fun playing as we climbed through the rocks. Happy Wednesday!

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+Дмитрий Кичин it is safe, you of course have to be careful. I have hit my head a few times because I am not paying attention to the height of the stones as I maneuver around them. Some spots are a bit slippery and you have to jump rock to rock a couple of times. But it is all fun.
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I put about 750 miles on these boots in the last year+. They are fantastic boots but as you can see I wore the tread off completely. It was like being on ice skates when I went over the large boulders. So tonight I got new boots! The same exact type, because they work for me. But boy, I felt how new they were just doing an easy 4 miles in them tonight. Happy Wednesday!

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+jd quinitchette for some reason I don't see almost any posts. My stream is all kinds of messed up and I see the same posts (some of them days old) over and over. I will look for yours! Silly Google!
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Another hike in the books! Today was dogelicious day, we had so many little dogs and one very large puppy! Beautiful hike with the flowers blooming. Happy Sunday!

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Sabrina Benton

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Okay, my Google geniuses, I have a friend who thinks a stalker ex may have planted a tracker on her vehicle. How does she find out if that is the case? 

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What is scarier is that there is actually a lot of pages covering this!
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#caturday   #oliver  So he sits on the other couch and then stares at me and often yells at me until I reach over and pet him. He thinks he rules the house.
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Actually, he knows he rules the house.
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Sabrina Benton

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I have found my new challenge! I plan to do this in August and then again in December. All the hiking I do is now just a warm up to the big time! Happy Wednesday!!
Ramsay's Round is 1 of 1 UK Ultra Distance Challenges. Conquering no less than 24 Munros (Scottish mountains over 3,000 feet) in 24 hours requires stamina of a
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This Ramsay will not be doing that.  But I'll root for you :)
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Crazy fun hike today to the Romero Pools (and beyond) in Tucson. But it was hot, really hot even though we started before 7AM. A few of us broke off from the group to take a "trail spa day" at the pools. We soaked our feet, had some snacks and then someone even tried to nap! Such a fun day, just about 8 miles with 2500+ feet of elevation gain in some of the prettiest scenery you can imagine. Happy Saturday!

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#nationalpuppyday  I helped make a match with these two yesterday! Gladys and Renji are not best buds and have decided to live in sin. Two of the cutest dogs, they love hiking and are both from rescue shelters. Happy Monday! 
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Sabrina Benton

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LOL, sometimes that is about a 3 hour routine! 
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So my friend +Laura Lifshitz-Hernandez had her first article published on +The New York Times website yesterday! So excited for her, but sheesh, I have to remember not to read the comments. She is a great person, and it is hard to have people who have no idea of her life and situation making judgement about her decisions. 

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Although with that said...I did read the first one which suggested if only my ex and I were polyamorous we would have survived LOL. After that I stopped. I try to not look at post comments too when they share on social! Love you! Thank you for sharing and cringing when you read the bad comments too!
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Had a great time at the Renaissance Festival today. Saw a woman spin yarn, another explained the difference between "continental" and "English" knitting, took in a bunch of shows, ate an Icee (out of an orange rind), and did lots of people watching. I realized I was not showing nearly enough of my bosom for that crowd!

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Treatment is going very well, the doctor keeps declaring her blood "beautiful". This cycle other than a bit of anxiety, she has been doing very well. Treatment 5 on Tuesday, which is fantastic, just a month from now chemotherapy will be done and she can move to the next stage. 

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They gave her an anti-depressant during her first visit to the hospital in December. It has really helped a lot, we wish they had prescribed it the day they gave her the official diagnosis, seriously.
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