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Hey #NASA , here is my #globalselfie  from Surprise, Arizona!! Too windy to get the mountains in the background so I am at the Learning Tree at the library. Happy #earthday ! 
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Sabrina Benton

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A very happy birthday to my girl +Xylona Benton! For the next year I will be twice her age, which freaks us both out a bit. She is the most fabulous person and I am unbelievably proud of the woman she has become. So happy birthday to my girl!  
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Happy Birthday!
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Sabrina Benton

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Lazy dinner with my girl. But yes, I brought cloth napkins because we are all about reducing our footprint. Gluten free pizza with chocolate for dessert. And we have a nice breeze so it is not stifling hot out where we are eating.
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mmmmmmm.....aceitunas negras mmmmmmm rico
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I look out each week and I see my neighbors garbage cans overflowing, with the tops propped up over bulging bags of trash. I can only wonder, as we rarely have more than 1 or 2 small bags of trash (plus dog and cat poop) why they have so much? Are they not recycling everything they can? Are they not as conscientious about not buying over-packaged goods? Do you try to reduce your garbage output or is it something you think the city/state should worry about?

#garbage   #overflowingtrash  
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Hey, guys! There's an Upcycle community here on G+.
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Don't fall for the lies they are trying to sell. We need renewable power, we need solar and wind power and we need it in our homes. They are ridiculously greedy and don't care the long term harm they are causing with their actions.
The Yiddish word "chutzpah" means gall and utterly arrogant nerve. It should be re-spelled to "koch-spah" after this news… that the ever-meddlesome Koch brothers are now funding a major campaign against state efforts to ramp up solar energy.  It would be one thing if they limited their attacks to ending tax rebates and minor subsidies for solar and wind… hypocritical, given how much they have benefited from vastly larger oil-gas-coal subsidies, tax breaks and almost free access to resources on public lands. 

No, they are also targeting "net metering" which is the law allowing a homeowner who owns a rooftop solar unit to sell excess power back to the utility.,0,7412286.story#axzz2zSLfKKoM

Please read that again.  The Koch brothers do not want you selling your excess power to the market.  Their beef is with filling energy markets with millions of little-guy producers.  Their "institute" proclaims that its aim is to "preserve the public utility power company concept" -- a state mandated monopoly system in which single companies control all access to energy.  Some enterprise capitalists! Some libertarians!

But let's dig deeper to the heart of it.  WHY are the Kochs (and their Saudi partners) doing this right now?  Because solar energy is taking off.  Because efficiency and durability rates have been skyrocketing, in part because we had the wisdom to use some mild incentives to boost an important new industry, the way US Postal contracts stimulated air travel, in the 1920s, or public roads spurred the rise of the automobile.

Only with this difference: renewable energy systems are improving far FASTER than airplanes or automobiles did, in their nascent days. And more spectacular tech advances loom on the horizon, that they can see coming fast.

Dig it well.  The Kochs would not be doing this if renewables weren't taking off and a looming threat to the brothers' bottom line.  Millions of autonomous citizens, generating and selling their own power is no longer a sci fi pipe dream.  It is coming true fast… and the parasite dinosaurs are bellowing.
The Koch brothers and large utilities have allied to reverse state policies that favor renewable energy.
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Oh hell that's all we need +Sabrina Benton the devil himself looking at solar energy, but sadly this might help the solar energy industry in America. I'm very doubtful about that idea.
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Sabrina Benton

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Taking time to count to 10 and breathe. Got another email from the rental company saying we are in violation of the HOA. This time someone said we left our garbage can at the curb on a non-pick up day. Ironically, we have never left it out even overnight. But multiple neighbors do this all the time! I am so beyond annoyed right now. I am beginning to think there is someone who is unhappy living near a rental so they are complaining to the HOA about us when we are not in violation. So very annoyed, taking a deep breath!

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How irritating! We got a couple last year because the kid next door was parking on the street. Fortunately our landlord is very easy going and it wasn't an issue. Still frustrating though.
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Geez, I darned near cried looking at those photos!
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Sabrina Benton

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OMG, #fiberatti  can you even imagine?! This was featured in a segment on the +Ellen DeGeneres show today. It is actually a fairly small stash, he probably did not find all of it.
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Yeah, some people just suck. 
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Sabrina Benton

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This is what it looks like to put together a 2000 piece puzzle containing various pictures of the same people in the same clothes. It is a bit overwhelming! Helped my parents get their puzzle going at their condo today. Have not even opened my copy yet. 
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You are masochists, I tell you, all masochists! :-)
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Sabrina Benton

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Took the boys on a challenging 4.5 mile hike today, lots of elevation. Sanka made sure he was not left home today! They were very happy to be on the trail together.   #healthierme  
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