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Sabrina Benton

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So, Oliver turned on the TV then held the remote hostage this morning. His new way of telling me to get up! Happy Friday!
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Sabrina Benton

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Usually he is a very serious dog, not very goofy. But he was feeling happy Saturday night! He has been full of energy, eating, pooping, and being very cuddly.
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Wow, he knows you helped him. 
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Sabrina Benton

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Well worth reading.
Yesterday I was tagged in a post by an old high school friend, asking me and a few others a very public, direct question about white privilege and racism. I feel compelled not only to publish his …
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+Isaiah Mullins have you seen this?
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Sabrina Benton

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So Librarians for the win.
"At their best, public libraries exist to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."
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This is epic
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Sabrina Benton

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Oliver has started a new psychological warfare campaign, this time he is playing with Toby's toy - while Toby looks on in horror. Toby is not pictured, as he is cowering 10 ft away on the bed. Happy Tuesday!
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awe he looks like my Cabot!
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Sabrina Benton

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#hikinglife #healthierme this is always worth getting up early for. Happy Sunday! 
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Очень красива!
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Sabrina Benton

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Sanka is feeling fantastic! His scar is almost invisible and his fur is growing in again. He is frisky and happy. 
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Yay Sanka! I was hoping he was doing well :-)
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Sabrina Benton

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So with working 2 jobs right now I am busy! But I am still getting in some hiking, just not as much. I have been able to go out of town a few times and do some fun hikes up North in the mountains. Here are some pictures from these adventures. Including a visit to Flagstaff Extreme a ropes course up in the trees. I will add the details about where these are in the pictures, but included is O'Leary Lookout, Grooms Creek, Kendrick Lookout, and Mt. Humphrey's.
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Sabrina Benton

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My sweet Sanka had a lump removed on Friday, he is doing great! But it was larger than expected as you can see in the first picture. He is sporting a t-shirt to keep the stitches clean and protect them from scratching. He is not sure he likes it but he is so darn cute in it. He is making a great recovery, other than the scar you would not know anything was amiss. Happy Monday!
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Hopefully he heals quickly and is safe from now on!
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Sabrina Benton

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Sabrina Benton

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Very interesting story about the first woman to run for POTUS. She was not old enough to hold office, ran for the Sufregette party, and didn't get any recorded popular vote. But she was a fascinating character and worth taking some time to read about.

#glassceiling   #womanPOTUS   #victoriawoodhull   #history    
Before Hillary Clinton, there was Victoria Woodhull.
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That is an interesting bit of hidden history. Never heard of Woodhull before, now I wont be able to forget her
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Sabrina Benton

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My new work station. Of course I have put up pictures from my hikes as my background. Happy Tuesday! 
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+Sabrina Benton , I would find a series/podcast/blog revolving around your journey to this point useful/inspiring/helpful!
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