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Sabine McKenna
Internet enthusiast, online manager & coach, digital educator, German living in Ireland.
Internet enthusiast, online manager & coach, digital educator, German living in Ireland.


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Typing classes for kids in Skerries, anyone?
Starting after Easter! Tuesdays from 3.45 to 4.30 p.m.
Great skill to have, and best learnt when young! 
From 2nd class up.

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Off for a walk around Skerries. Oh, if only we could walk safely from Kelly's Bay to Ardgillan Castle, what a spectacular coastal walk that would be!

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Love reading Altucher's articles. And a lot of what he's saying here rings very true. Read it!

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+Liam O'Donnell is an educator and #minecraft  fan & champion. He's been writing books for reluctant readers for a while now, and has brought these two things together in his 3-part series of Minecraft novels. The first is to come out in November. Worth checking out!

Liam aka Praxismaxis is the judge for  our annual Skerries Soundwaves Minecraft Projects. Based in Canada (we're in Ireland), he comes online for hours each year (3 so far) to walk around our online Skerries and pick out the best creations. ( 

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We are now an official CoderDojo!
Come to Joe May's on 27 June 2014, 7 p.m. for a first meeting if you're interested in being a mentor / volunteer parent! The CoderDojo will be as good as the volunteers who set it up. Let's get Skerries coding! 
A CoderDojo for Skerries! Do be in touch with if you'd like to help set it up.
#skerries   #coderdojo

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If you upload multiple pictures at once, how will they display on the news feed and on your page?
Here's the answer!

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Minecraft YouTubers and marketing, a fascinating read.
Pity about the Justin Bieber title, it has very little to do with the article and nearly made me skip it!
Then again, there is a bit of stardom and its associated problems in this...

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Do you have Flappy Bird Syndrome? My son does...
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