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Madame Sabine Balve
Digital Media Influencer. "Global Citizen for a Sustainable World in Peace"
Digital Media Influencer. "Global Citizen for a Sustainable World in Peace"


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My new website is finally online (75 % ready - further progress within the next weeks) please click on this photo below and start to read more about my work and follow my social media links there. Looking forward connecting with you, we are ready for new projects - many thanks!
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Wishing you a marvelous day - Good luck today , to the whole team of the #Liechtenstein Museum and to you +Vlado Franjevic !! From #UAE the very best to your marvelous Initiative! super proud about you!
Invitation to the 5th Global Visual Culture Symposium

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm in the Media Room of the Liechtenstein National Museum, Städtle 43, 9490 Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein

Mediator: Vlado Franjević;
Greeting: Prof. Dr. Rainer Vollkommer;
Opening Remarks: Prof. Dr. Albert Choi

Prof. Dr. Arafat Al-Naim (UAE)
Juergen Hefele (Germany)
Ferenc Kiss (Hungary)
Lee Baumgarten (USA)
Thomas Schauffert (CH)
Prof. Dr. Albert Choi (Korea)

We warmly welcome you and your guests to this event. Kindly respond to this invitation by Monday, September 11, 2017 by email: or by tel. +423 239 68 20. The event is held in English.

The Exhibition «9th United Designs Liechtenstein 2017 – Messages to Humanity – International Poster Exhibition» at the Liechtenstein National Museum runs until Sunday, November 12, 2017.
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Few Month ago i met the Minister of Human development of #Barbuda / #Antigua #Caribou. We spoke HOW we could change the path to GREEN ECO DEVELOPMENT in Barbuda .. at that time, we would never ever thought / believed that NOW the island is by 95 % destroyed / effected the building by this Hurricane #Irma ... but every challenge has something good - MAYBE this will be a NEW start for something great .... thanks for the message of the president Mister Gaston Brown sent to me ... we will work together! to make your island great again ...
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1. Part of Madame Sabine Balve WELCOME KEY NOTE SPEECH 4 #Peace at #UnitedNation, #UNITAR HQ held online - and was going ahead into a FREE Speech in the second part in front of #Generals and f. Deputy Secretary General of #defends department #America (who served all presidents of america!) Follow up brainstorm meeting 8 hours for White paper
Also present #Nato representatives and H.E. Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh (former deputy chairman of the #UN Global Compact)
Her KEY NOTE speech as a "Voice from the Middle EAST" - a #German #Christian #Female, WHITE FORCE in the Middle East #ME
and with Questions and Answers later in front of Audience (2.Part) AFTER the Welcome Speech!
In Support of #WomenEmpowerment #GenderEquality #Planet5050 #SDG #UrbanGender and a UNITED World of Tolerance and Peace!
Madame Sabine Balve, Founder & President of Global Initiative
World Leaders Forum Dubai - Global Movement
Earth Ambassador Award by World Leaders Forum Dubai
Global Citizen Club by World Leaders Forum Dubai
‪#‎WOMENEMPOWERMENT‬ ‪#‎SDG‬ ‪#‎Planet5050‬ ‪#‎GenderEquality‬‪#‎IWD2016‬
‪#‎UrbanGender‬ ‪#‎IMFGender‬ ‪#‎UNHABITAT3‬
‪#‎UNWOMEN‬ ‪#‎ChangeAgent‬ ‪#‎WomenLeaders‬
‪#‎Dubai‬ ‪#‎AbuDhabi‬ ‪#‎UAE‬ on the way to ‪#‎Expo2020‬
Special Thanks to Dr #Linton #Wells II - former #CIO, Department of #Defense in #USA, serving Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in America through two administrations of both parties, both the Democrat Bill Clinton and the Republican George W. Bush (51 years for gov. of america).

Thanks for his visit ... during 8 hours Debate about a White Paper draft, we explored our views about #Sustainable #Peace #Military #NatSec #Policy #resilient #Cities #Urbanization HABITAT3

Many thanks to Dr. Linton Wells II for his ambitious engagement!
(Pictures coming soon of him and myself as the founder of WORLD LEADERS FORUM Dubai, GLOBAL THINK / DO TANK - "Vision for a Sustainable Future" - Slide)

Further Topics of the intensive exchange:

1. How to reduce pressures for #migration and #radicalization through "Sharing #Economy" Initiatives, Building #resilient Opportunities in #Culturally Aligned #Diverse #Environment #Projects.

2. Mutual aspiration such WORLD LEADERS FORUM DUBAI, Global Initiative and my impact as a positive 'WHITE FORCE' in the Middle East .. for Peace building and STAR TIDES PROJECT and other global associations

3. My passion for Human Development Worldwide and impact on the Global community as a 'German Female Christian Voice' reporting LIVE from the Middle East. My personal experience in the Middle East during the last 10 years as a credible German Female Christian 'Witness' speaking about the Muslim Society not only UAE as well the rest of the middle east and my views about Islam as a peaceful religion.

My Global Outreach & Global Exchanges in the CYBER WORLD in order to reduce radicalization trends in Europa and America and to Stop #ISLAMOPHOBIA by Encouraging Cross Cultural dialogue between EAST and WEST ..... to UNITE PEOPLE, all Nations, all Religions and all Ethnic backgrounds Globally, as ONE HUMAN Society with shared Human Values with my Global Movement named "World Leaders Forum Dubai" and the Global Citizen Club "Ponte Del Mondo" with more then 25.000 global members!

4. About 4.0 industrialization and NEW Technologies #Robots #AI #3D and the impact of this inventions on Global Society, and the near Future.... (expectations next 5 - 10 years) ....

WE LIVE in EXPONENTIAL Times, due to the exponential growth of innovation in technology. The growth of such progress will increase in the next years to come, creating disruption in many aspects of our lives, and how to prepare a soft transition during disruptive times

As the Chair of the Futurist Board of the LIFE Boat Foundation and by leading my Global Movement with the Name "World Leaders Forum Dubai" i gathered more then 155.000 global members and i m surrounded on the board by brilliant brains such as i.e. Google Director Ray Kurzweil and his co-founder Mister Peter Diamandis, Co-founder of the Singularity University and founder of X-Price and other Nobel Peace Awards and GENIUSES on our planet

The World in 2050 - Inspirational speech at the World Government Summit in Dubai - expectation are that 40-50 % of the current jobs will disappear, this is what we have to focus on

Many thanks again to Dr. Linton Wells II for the ambitious meeting, for the encouragement and inspiration to continuo the great work!


About myself, ( Madame Sabine Balve ) - please connect - i'm the Founder and President of:

1. World Leaders Forum Dubai - Global Movement
- an (independent) Global Think and do Tank with more then 155.000 Global Members and

Global campaign about Global Challenges & Opportunities of the Century with the objective of Creating, Selecting and Promoting of thousands of ‪#‎EarthAmbassadors‬ for ‪#‎Humanity‬ ‪#‎Sustainability‬ and ‪#‎Peace‬

2. Earth Ambassador Award by WLFDubai
- some of my / our humanitarian + sustainable work of our earth ambassadors

3. ‪#‎GlobalCitizenship‬ Club, WLF-Dubai “Ponte del Mondo”

4. Madame Sabine Balve - Public Profile
#‎Vision‬ Sustainable #Future for all and #World #Peace!
Addressing #GlobalChallenges21stCentury AND #Opportunities

#GlobalNetWorker #SabineBalve #ChangeAgent #WomenLeader #GlobalChangeMakerAfrica2015, i m awarded and appointed to numerous international boards of many renown organizations,

You find me also on:
* Twitter @SabineBalve @WLFDubai @ToleranceFaces
* Pinterest #WLFDubai
* Linkedin: World Leaders Forum Dubai and Sabine Balve

More on

* the website will have an update shortly about the NEW MISSIONS since the World Humanitarian Summit 2016 is over, - successful - thanks again to Mister Ban Ki Moon @UN secretary general and the #Turkey government, who made the World Humanitarien Summit possible #ShareHumanity
It's an honor to support the sustainable development of #TheCityWeNeed as one of the main contributor of the #URBANTHINKER for the main conference #UN #HABITAT3 in #Quito, October 2016 #TheCityWeNeed recognized by UN, Body, World Urban Campaign as a NEW creative #Urban Solution 2050
#Dubai #AbuDhabi #UAE on the way to World #EXPO2020
WE are Connecting Minds and Creating the Future

Many thanks for connecting, you all matter !
Warm regards, Madame Sabine Balve X, (◡‿◡✿)
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Honored by Pan African Humanitarian Award 2016

I am awarded as Global Citizen 2016 by Pan African Humanitarian Awards
I received this Global Citizen Award tonight (12 Nov 2016) in honor of my global achievements with my international community , independent Think and do Tank with the name World Leaders Forum Dubai - Global Movement of more then 150.000 Global Citizen Members from 119 countries and especially for our marvelous EARTH AMBASSADORS in Africa , who have contributed to create a better world in their community .. i feel deeply honored and humbled and want to pass this GLOBAL CITIZEN HUMANITARIAN AWARD 2016 on to you all!
Congratulation to the Founder and president of the World Leaders Forum Dubai - Global Movement to be honored as
Global Citizen 2016 by the Pan African Humanitarian Awards 2016
The 2016 Pan African Humanitarian Awards was held at Anatara the Palms, Dubai. Here is a full list of all the 2016 Award winners at the Gala event:
HRH PRINCESS SIKHANYISO (Swaziland) Young Achievers Award on Social Leadership and Community Development
AMB. BRIG. GEN WALLACE WILLIAMS (Antigua and Barbuda) Award for Global Impact and Youth Empowerment”
MR LINUS OKORIE (Nigeria) Award on Leadership Excellence and Youth Empowerment”
H.E MADAM ZINEB JAMMEH (Zambia) Woman of The Year Award
TANIA TOME (Mozambique) Young Achievers Award on Leadership Excellence and Entrepreneurship
PAUL KHULEKANI MTHABELA (South Africa) Award on Social Leadership and Community Building
DR. AISHA ACHIMUGU (Nigeria) Award on Enterprise ad service to Humanity
RUTH DULU MAINGI (Kenya) Actress of the Year Award”
RT. HON. DANIEL KIDEGA (Uganda) Award for Legislative Excellence and Community Development”
MUZVARE BETTY MAKONI (Zimbabwe) Award on Gender Advocacy and Global Impact
PROF. DJENEBA TRAORE (Mali) Award on Academic Excellence and Community Development
H.E MARISA MORIAS (Cape Verde) Award on Leadership and Gender Advocacy
AMB. GINIKA TOR-WILLIAMS (Nigeria) Award on Media and Women Empowerment
KANSIME ANNE (Uganda) Award on Creativity and Community Development
LAILA IJEOMA (Nigeria) Most Promising Social Media Personality of the Year
PETER NJODZEKA (Cameroon) Award on Media and Community Development
DR. FAITH NYAMUKAPA (Zimbabwe) Award on Enterprise and Community Development
H.E RASHID BIN BUTTI (UAE) Friends of Africa
GRACA SANCHES (Cape Verde) Young Achievers Award on Gender Equality and Legislative Advocacy”
SEN. DR. HOWARD TAYLOR (Liberia) Award on Leadership Excellence and Women Empowerment
Dr. Innocent Chukwuma (Nigeria) Award on Entrepreneurship Excellence and Industrialization
HRH PRINCE EBRAHIM SANYANG (Gambia) Award on Social Leadership and Community Development
BEN TV UK Most Promising Television Station of the Year
DR. MIKE OMOTOSHO (Nigeria) Award on Youth Empowerment and Patriotism
HAJIYA HAFSAT BALEWA (Nigeria) Award on Humanity and Social Impact
MADAME SABINE BALVE (Germany) Global Citizen Award
RAINATOU SOW (Guinea) Young Achievers Award on Gender Equality and Advocacy
BIBUSA W NGALANDE WIBEMANN (Zambia) Award on Enterprise and Youth Empowerment
JANETH JEPKOSGEI BUSIENEI (Kenya) Award on Sports and Charity
Thanks so much again to the Pan African #Humanitarian #Awards and to the host city Dubai, and the #AfricanUnion and the honorable guests and esteemed colleagues and to all Awardees, #Champions for Humanity - YOU and all your work MATTER's! LOVE YOU ALL <3
#Dubai #MyCityDubai #AbuDhabi #MyCityAbuDhabi #UAE
#YearOfGiving #EXPO2020
#Sustainability #Humanity #Peace
#EarthAmbassadors #Champions for our #Planet
World Leaders Forum Dubai - Global Movement
* join our second global campaign on Facebook:
Promoting #Tolerance and love between all #nations, #religions, #gender, #ethnic backgrounds and skin colors for a sustainable World in Peace
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We started to fill up my NEW Blogger with an overview of International appointments, ambassadors titles and honorable board members i got in the last years
plus multiple awards - (still updating, so its not complete yet, but it shows already a great overview) .... its a "kind of bio" of my global achievements
thanks for your interest and for reading it ...
Madame Sabine Balve
Madame Sabine Balve
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My speech at the Pan African Humanitarian Award 2016 - Awarded as Global Citizen 2016 for Humanity
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