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Travel and photography addict, blogger and PR enthusiast
Travel and photography addict, blogger and PR enthusiast

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Good pieces of advice for getting more email subscribers for your business. Found at +Jeff Bullas via +Elena Dobre 

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If you send newsletters within your business, I would say this article is worth a read.
66% of consumers have made an online purchase after receiving a promotional email. +Sabina Stoiciu describes what works well for your newsletter strategy. 


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Land of Dracula? Yeah. But definitely home for some great #techstartups ! #Romania  

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How to recover from deindexing your site accidentally from Google - great article and very helpful. #seotips   #digitalmarketing  

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Happy Birthday G+!
3 Years old today!  


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Successful business advice from a real entrepreneur.
What does it take to evolve a #startup into a successful #business? Try these 8 simple steps

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Some great tips on leveraging your #productivity.
The top 10 lessons I learned from A Year of Productivity

Wow, OK, so I came across Chris Bailey's article on +Lifehacker  and let me tell you, this guy is very intense on the topic productivity! 

In the article he cover's off on the following 10 productivity lessons:

1. Productivity isn’t about how much you produce, it’s about how much you accomplish

2. Becoming more productive is pointless if you’re not kind to yourself in the process

3. The best way to feel motivated is to know why you want to get something done

4. Working too hard or too much shatters your productivity

5. There is no one secret to becoming more productive, but there are hundreds of tactics you can use to get more done

6. There are three ingredients you combine on a daily basis to be productive: time, energy, and attention

7. Forming good habits makes you more productive automatically

8. Always question blanket productivity advice

9. The three most effective ways to become more productive are also the most boring pieces of advice you’ve already received

10. One of the best ways to become more productive is to work on your highest-leverage tasks

Check out the full article here

I personally found this article very applicable to small business and I hope you all get something out of it. Let me know what you think so we can get a conversation going.

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An interesting infographic for #smallbiz  and #HR  - why employees leave their jobs and how much this costs your business
Interesting infographic on the reasons employees leave your company and the costs associated with employee turnover.

View full infographic here:

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9 Tips and Insights for Publishing your Ebook
#ebook   #ebooktips   #ebookmarketing   #publishingtips  
Today’s marketing options are not a choice of few.  That was 50 years ago. Today, the marketing opportunities resembles dining in New York City instead of a one horse town. It means you have to make more decisions.

This spells confusion, options and that terrible word…choice!
Scores of advertising options exist, making it difficult to decide, implement, and analyze that all important KPI that the CEO always demands…”return on investment“. When you just advertised on television and sales spiked then you knew what to blame.
Now we need to measure the impact of SEO, social media, traditional marketing, mobile and dozens of marketing networks.

A powerful marketing option
Ebooks have become a marketing option of choice for many businesses. The mention of e-books  is catching the attention of many business owners and marketing teams. This can apply to many types of organisations.

An ebook can:

* Position you and your brand as thought leaders
* Be one of the top resources in your industry
* Provide a very efficient way of building your email list

Here are some tips for researching, writing and publishing your ebook, which can be the cornerstone of your content marketing.


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This is why we shouldn't be control freaks.
Don't try to control everything #bestlifequotes  

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