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Carder Fly, who sent heroin to journalist Brian Krebs, received 41 months in prison
Black Hat Hackers for many years seriously disliked journalist Brian Krebs. The fact is that Krebs is one of the veterans of computer security journalism, famous for his investigations and revelations. Thanks to the information collected by him, it was poss...

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U.S. prosecutors demand 30 years prison Sentence for Russian Hacker Seleznev
US prosecutors are demanding 30 years in prison for Russian citizen Roman Seleznev, who is accused of cyber fraud. According to the case file, prosecutors said that sentence of 30 years in prison is enough. The Prosecutor noted that the gravity of the crime...

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Chrome, Firefox and Opera are vulnerable to phishing technique and Unicode in domain names
Chinese researcher warned Xudong Zheng that the browsers Chrome, Firefox and Opera are vulnerable to virtually undetectable phishing attacks. With the help of attacks hackers can register fake domains that are virtually indistinguishable from the real res...

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Russian Hacker arresed in Spain is accused of sending spam
The U.S. Department of Justice arrested a Russian citizen Peter Levashov in Barcelona at the request of the American authorities Russian programmer Peter Levashov was arrested in Barcelona at the request of the United States as part of the operation on li...

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Hackers hijacked DNS bank infrastructure with compromising 36 domain
Experts of "Kaspersky lab" at the conference "Security Analyst Summit" talked about an interesting attack. At the end of 2016 unnamed Brazilian bank servicing more than 5 million customers was damaged. Attackers decided not to hack bank accounts of separate...

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Kaspersky lab explained why hackers drilled holes in ATMs
Attackers  began to drill holes into ATM's last year. For example, in autumn 2016 Vice - Chairman of the Russian bank Sberbank Stanislav Kuznetsov  told reporters that the scammers have adopted new technique "drilled box". "Hackers first drill a hole in the...

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Overnight criminals stole $800 000 from ATMs by using "disappearing" Malware
specialists of "Kaspersky Lab" talked about the new
technique that criminals use to steal money from ATMs.
They explained such cases in which physical damage or
infection by Malware in ATMs...

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ATM malware attacks are on the rise
In the past few months prevalence of hacking ATM has increased. Some time ago 3 ATM’s have been attacked in India. It was found that the hackers used the Malware "GREENDISPENSER". In this article we will look at methods of hacking ATM. Artur Garipov , Senio...

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Google accuses Symantec of issuing about 30,000 illegit certificates
Problems with certificates began at Symantec in 2015. The Thawte certification center, owned by the company, released fake VDS-unlimited SSL-certificates for, and domains. It turned out that it was all because of human er...
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