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"No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination." Edward Hopper
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Invention is imagination after execution.
Грусть... Передаётся какое-то тревожное и в то же время очень грустное состояние...
boff, the sign language dont mean nothing to me.
Напоминает меня, в подавленом настроении....только сигареты не хватает
Yеаh право! Я читал хорошо сейчас
Да....Тоска берёт,глядючи.... А так мне нравится.Осень,слякоть,темно и холодно.Бррр...
Да, грусть есть, но не более... Главное - я не вижу депрессии, поэтому, лично для меня, в картине нет безысходности. К сожалению, по теме "одиночества" гораздо больше депрессивных картин...
Чашечка коньячку на столовую ложку кофе - и понемногу депрессивное настроение переходит в фазу затухания и осмысления .....
there is just something about hopper that makes the ordinary
look special but then I Like ordinary!!
Ah I love the perception of depth in the interior lights, Highlighted on the window with the shadow figures showing there is life beyond the worry some face accompanied by a coffee... Shes lonely yet shy, I empathize... Beautiful
at such times thoughts are born...thoughts that can change direcion of life
c'est une picture qui est tres agreable!
Yes ... It's true ... Imagination, the great invention of God ...
A woman wanting something new, for sure. Or perhaps... 'well, I suppose since I've missed the last train I could chat up the ticket guy, (I know he likes me), besides, my husband is most certainly drunk anyway.'
The woman thinks, I love it .. And he? He loves me?
@Marina: Although I don't see any love in the picture, I can see something smoldering, an emotion with intent.
I doubt it. I'm interested how you came to the notion that love is present. I say this because, the woman's posture (to me) is closed, both in dress and pose.
It seemed to me ... Women always want to believe in love. I want to believe. I want this woman was thinking of love.
Sweetheart, put that on paper/canvas; pencil, paint or what ever you like, it would read like a poem, with the best words in their best order.
I didn't mean to extend mere txt, Good luck :)
Is she waiting or has she been & is treating herself to some moments alone?
True, nothing beats imagination. This is truly lovely.
Geweldig van Hopper. Je vraagt je af waar deze persoon aan denkt. En dat in zo'n omgeving.
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