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Marketing Automation , convert visitor to leads and leads to customers. An affordable and simplest tool to drive traffic to your site and the landing page. Contact +91 8452 012 588

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Cost Effective Way to Reach Customer

Small enterprise can do a lot with with Bulk SMS:
• Send greetings on anniversaries, birthdays
• Send reminders on pending payments,
• Send messages, offers to customers
• Send product update or new arrivals
• Send link guide customer for online purchase.

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Sales & Marketing Solutions

Every business has the potential to grow big, we understand this and has packaged few product and services which could assist the Small and Medium Business in leveraging their sales & marketing strategy to improvise on generating more leads. More the leads better the conversion and closing, thereby giving a push to their annual revenue.

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Your website is your online office providing 24x7 customer service, to your valued customer searching online. Is your website on par with advanced technology, or is it driving away prospective customers?

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Redesigning / Revamping your website? get done from experts

Is your website on par with advanced technology? or is it driving away your prospective customers visiting your website?

Special Offer this Monsoon Season.

Website Development starting at Just Rs. 4999/-

Corporate Server Starting at Just Rs. 250/- for 10 GB per Email id / Per month

Backup at 50% Off

Dedicated Server at 40% Off

Launching New Business Email Plan
- 10 GB Space per Id
- Share the email space within domain.
  i.e if there are 10 user in a domain. You get 100 GB space and you have   the Option to split this 100 GB among 10 Users.
- Online Storage (Now upload you file once and Email it from any          where any number of time)
- Calendar
- Task
- iOS App
- Responsive Dual and clean Interface
Mail us Now at OR Chat with us or Call us on 8828973573 for More details. 

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Windows server Trust Level and Security Updates:
This update will provide you an insight of the unplanned and sudden change in IIS application's Trust Level from Full to Medium. These measures were taken post encountering an exploit instance taking advantage of IIS Full Trust Level. In the past couple of months we have come across multiple instances where applications were trying to access restricted areas of the OS by exploiting Full Trust level and off late these activities have only increased. To protect the shared environment and avoid malicious activities we had to make this sudden change to ensure the service remains functional in an acceptable manner.
Please go through the below mentioned key points:
1. After this change, running applications with Full Trust level is no longer allowed. Any domain using <trustLevel> as Full level in their web.config or assemblies using Full level permission will break. You need to comment/remove this tag completely. In order to give you time to get your sites fixed to work with the new permissioning, we have provided Full Trust level to all affected domains for a week. You need to fix the code during this period so that your sites can continue to function in the future.
2. Medium Trust Level would restrict your application to your application directory. So any application trying to access system sensitive folders, registries, network, eventlog details, etc. would fail.
3. We have allowed unrestricted permission for generic assemblies(viz oledb, SQL, odbc etc) under Medium Level on Custom basis.
List of Generic Assemblies Added :













4. We have temporarily allowed applications that we could identify to run on Full Trust for the rest of this week. If your application is currently designed to run under Full trust  and we were unable to find it and give it temporary permissions to run, you need to modify your application to accommodate Medium trust else your application will break.
5. If your application is accessing OS assemblies or third party assemblies which run under Full trust level,  they would no longer run.
6. If you are using a third party application which is not working in the Medium Trust mode, you need to contact your software vendor and ask them to give you an application which would work in the Medium Trust Level.
7. If we come across some exceptional generic assemblies being used by multiple CX applications, we will analyze the security impact and allow it to work under Medium Level Trust on Custom basis.  
Ref :

Window Server Security Update:

The IIS trust level for our Windows Hosting Servers has been changed from FULL to MEDIUM trust. This change was necessary as we encountered hack attempts warranting immediate evasive actions causing us to take urgent actions across all our Windows Servers without notice.

Unfortunately, this change has resulted in some permission issues which we are trying to fix and will be addressed shortly. Our Senior Administrators are working on this issue at the highest priority and we should have all the issues resolved at the earliest. 

In the meantime if you are using <trustLevel> tag as Full in your web.config then you need to modify/remove it immediately. Here is a quick way to confirm the compatibility of websites to Medium Trust Level, in the local environment,

1. Add partially trusted callers attribute into AssemblyInfo.cs file of the website project, as following code snippet,
[assembly: AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers]

2. Add the following line into the web.config,
<trust level="Medium" />

Further investigation is on-going and any new information will be made available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Our company page is now live on google .
Please start sharing it with every one in your group.
You should also frequently check this page to have updates on upcoming Promos and offers..
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