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S. W. Douglas
Author of Subject 12, Guild Files: Reagent Protocol (including the previously-released Banshee short story), The Grand Granger, Triggerbreak, and more coming soon!
Author of Subject 12, Guild Files: Reagent Protocol (including the previously-released Banshee short story), The Grand Granger, Triggerbreak, and more coming soon!


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A Side Project I've Been Working On
gathered faction leaders eyed each other warily, each one remembering
some ages-old feud or slight visited on them or some distant
predecessor. Some fingered the grips of their weapons unconsciously,
their minds awash with thoughts of bloodshed and may...

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Midwinter Update
Good afternoon from the East Coast of the USA.  Pretty quiet here, it seems.  Not much feedback all around, so let's see if we can't change that. Work hasn't progressed much after I hacked some stuff I wrote years ago together with a fair amount of recent w...

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The Tick has Tocked
Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  I'm going to get right to it because I'm not feeling that great tonight and I'm hoping to get to sleep before 4AM. Well, I can see by the lack of comments on the last post that there isn't enough interest in my next piece...

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Pardon My Reach...
Mellow greetings, gentle (or not so gentle, depending on your inclinations) reader! Wait.  Sorry.  If I'm going to start with the word "gentle", I should probably avoid finishing with an exclamation point.  I guess if that's the only error tonight then I'm ...

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Still Alive and, Yes. I Have Been Writing.
I'm going to keep this quick because it's late, I'm tired, and I'm going to try to get back to writing here as soon as possible. Alright, yes, I've been writing.  Not much, but some, and the quality has been higher than I was getting before I took the summe...

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Holiday Update
I'm as sick of writing these as you are of reading them, or would be if I were more rigorous about posting as these things happened. So, this will be very brief.  First off, happy holidays!  Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Three Kings Day, St. Lucia Day...

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Regarding My Knee Injury
Hi, all.  Just a quick note regarding my knee -- I've begun physical therapy that will last six weeks to see if I can avoid surgery for what the MRI says is two tears in my meniscus.  The pain has subsided, thanks to a few visits to my chiropractor to put m...

So... I saw Minions and Terminator Genisys last night. Both were kinda fun but disappointing. I'll leave Minions alone for the moment because children's movie, but Terminator... Ye gods, was the movie not ready to go to theaters. Yes, the effects were slick, but if that was the actors' best effort, either the whole thing should have been recast or the director fired and never allowed to work again. And the dialog... I've heard better deliveries in porn movies, and the actual writing was a joke. Also, majorly disjointed and kinda choppy to boot.

Arnold was fun, but when Arnold is the best actor in 90% of the movie, no offense, you're doing something wrong. Still, it WAS fun to watch Arnold throw down, and the movie was much better than Terminator Salvation -- but that's a pretty low bar to begin with.

I'm considering a blog post expanding on this, but I don't know if anyone actually wants to hear my thoughts on the subject. May do it anyway. Feel the need to be creative and I'm kinda blocked on most of my writing projects right now, for anyone interested.

Oh, and EMG tests suck.

Maybe one of these days I'll figure out how to use social media other than Twitter, huh? Of course, I'm a little hazy on whether blogging is considered social media or not, so maybe I should include Blogger with Twitter.

In any case, hello world. Greetings, Programs! Etc. How are we all this fine-ish day/night/twilight/dawn/beer-o-clock/Miller time/whatever?

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Warning, Brief Info Dump Ahead
Brief, not briefs.  I am not going to discuss my underwear preferences or lack thereof on the internet...  Well, at least not in a blog post.  And I'm sure virtually all of you are sighing in relief. You're welcome. Okay, already distracted. So, I went awfu...
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