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The Small Business Guide to Google My Business

Google has over 1.2 billion unique users per month and is an amazing marketing opportunity for small businesses. Getting set up used to be a pain. Fortunately, Google My Business has just been launched to make it easier for brands and local businesses to connect with customers on search, on Maps, and on Google Plus.

If you’re a small business owner and aren’t sure where to start, don’t fret. Here's a step-by-step guide from +Simply Business to walk you through the process:


Have you heard of Google My Business?
Find out all about it: 
Read the FAQ:
See how it benefits your business:

Do you know what to do with your existing Google Plus pages?
You don't need to do anything!:


Is your business already on Google Plus?
Set up a local page:
Set up a brand page:
Choose the right business type:

Have you verified your page?
Verify a local page:
Verify a brand page:

Have you chosen the right category for your business?
Why categories are important:
Find the right category:

Have you added all your locations?
Add your locations here:

Do you know how to deal with duplicate/incorrect listings?
Why duplicates matter:
Clean up duplicate listings:
Clearing up incorrect info:

(3) Page Management and Optimisation

Have you figured out the new dashboard?
Understand the updated dashboard:

Do you know what to put on your page?
Post content and images:

Are you making the most of your Insights?
Understand the Insights section:
Download a handy PDF guide:

Do you know about the Google Local carousel?
Why it matters:
4 tips for carousel optimisation:

(4) Engagement and Reviews

Have you identified and connected with local influencers?
Find influencers in your area:
Take advantage of Google Ripples:

Are you getting a steady flow of reviews?
Get your reviews right:
5 tips for great reviews:
Try barnacle reviews:
Reviews help center:

Do you know how to respond to different reviews? 
15 tips for responding:
Dealing with negative reviews:

Do you know how to deal with slanderous & inappropriate reviews?
Report inappropriate reviews:
Remove slanderous reviews:

(5) Citations

Are you familiar with local citations?
Citations explained:
Identifying quality citations:

Do you know how to find great citations?
Citation discovery:
Citation sources by city:
Citations by industry:

Do you have a lot of great citations?
Learn how to build citations:

(6) Further Optimisation

Is your local presence optimised for mobile?
Optimise for mobile:
Download the app:

Do you know what to do if your business relocates?
Retain your visibility in local search:

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Yes, a dream coming true. You wont need to invest money into expensive machines. Just follow this easy instructable and you'll get a tasty and creamy ...
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Google Earth got some great improvements today to make it look more realistic. Here are some tips to make it look even more realistic.
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ok, i will pee and walk away....hahahaha
Maybe too early for humor but I'll try it anyway. I am not sure this actually works though :)
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Thank You for the Moraleja It is Spanish word for Moral. You've made my day.

Francisco De La Cruz
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good info :D
Trick yourself into eating less by changing the color of your plates. By Piers Steel, Ph.D....
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yes i believe....
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"ciri-ciri orang berakal itu lisannya terjaga | kalo lisannya nggak terjaga artinya?" #BukanUntukDijawabTapiDipikirkan :D

mencela orang menjadikanmu tercela | menghina orang membuatmu terhina #BukanUntukDijawabTapiDipikirkan

orang yang bahagia itu pasti ingin membahagiakan | kalo yang hanya ingin menyusahkan orang artinya? #BukanUntukDijawabTapiDipikirkan

Al-Qur'an itu bacaan santun penuh hikmah nan indah | para pembaca dan penuturnya pun lisannya terpengaruh #BukanUntukDijawabTapiDipikirkan

yang membaca Al-Qur'an insyaAllah lisannya halus mulia | bila lisannya kasar dan penuh cela itu artinya? #BukanUntukDijawabTapiDipikirkan

hakikat yang berkata-kata kasar dan tak pantas | dia sedang menunjukkan nilai dirinya dari lisannya #BukanUntukDijawabTapiDipikirkan

jadi jangan risaukan lisan saudaramu pada dirimu | khawatirlah dengan lisanmu pada saudaramu #BukanUntukDijawabTapiDipikirkan
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Waaaaaah ssngt bagus indah pemandanhn nya sawh pegunungn n daun2 nan srb hijau kusuka bngt 
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the awesome slogan.....hahahahah
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:D good info
Gabriel Vasile originally shared:

If you need any kind of help on Google+, don't be afraid to ask. There are so many willing to help you. Just ask. To give you an example, +Jena Tesse Fox wanted to see more interesting posts, because she was following just about 250 people and didn't see much. She asked for help, and shortly the answers came:

But who can you ask for help?

First of all, +Natalie Villalobos - official Community Manager for Google+. (for more official community manages see the second list)

You can also ask for help from Google+ enthusiasts and helpers like:
1. +Gabriel Vasile (I'm daily on Google+ willing to help you)
2. +Denis Labelle
3. +Jaana Nyström
4. +Ryan Crowe
5. +Christina Trapolino
6. +Johnathan Chung
7. +Thomas Morffew
8. +Alireza Yavari
9. +Peter G McDermott
10. +Ahmed Zeeshan

( Disclaimer: this 10 people are not related to Google, are just Google+ avid users and helpers. Did I miss someone important on this list or you are here and don't want that? please let me know)

Official Google Community Managers

1. +Toby Stein - CM Google+ Mobile
2. +Brian Rose - CM for Google+ Photos
3. +Katherine Gramann - CM for Google+ Hangouts and Chat
4. +Jacky Hayward - CM for Chrome
5. +Melissa Daniels - CM for Chrome OS
6. +Gerard Sanz - CM for Panoramio
7. +Nicole Drobeck - CM for 3D
8. +Robin Ziegler - CM for Google Earth
9. +Mark Harrison - CM for SketchUp
10. +Jonathan Lally - CM for Voice
11. +Vanessa Schneider - CM for Places
12. +Sky Bintliff - CM for Picnik
13. +Kelly Fee - CM for Web Search
14. +Teresa Wu - CM for Docs
15. +Paul Wilcox - CM for Mobile
16. +Lisa Ding - CM for Blogger
17. +Sarah Price - CM for Gmail
18. +Daniel Mabasa - CM for Maps
19. +Adrienne Bernakevitch Ludwick - CM for Calendar

Looking for interesting people to follow? See

The Best Google+ Users in 2011 CHOSEN BY Google+ COMMUNITY

Want to understand Google+ the fast way?

Want to make more friends on Google+?

Want to promote your business on Google+?

Want more Google+ tips, tutorials and news?

#gvgpUseful #gplustips #googleplustips #google+ #googleplus

Feel free to give me some feedback on my original post:
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In his circles
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508 people
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Basic Information
entrepreneur, marketer, and community builder
* "Not all of the great things we can do, but we certainly can do small things with great love." Mother Teresa 
* "There is no dependence could be ascertained, except in self-reliance." John Gay 
* "I never expect myself to be the world's best players. I'm not obsessed with individual awards. I am more interested in being part of a team that won the trophy." Ronaldo 
* "Winners compare their achievements with the goals, while losers compare his achievements with the achievements of others." Nido Qubein 
* "Begin with what is right, not by what is acceptable." Franz Kafka 
* "Self-esteem never want to owe and vanity does not ever want to pay." Francois de la Rochefoucauld 
* "Do not say the little things with lots of words, but lets say something big with a few words." Pythagoras 
* "Life is choices. But to choose good, you should know who you are and what you stand for, where you are, and why you are there."Kofi Annan 
* "There are real differences between the anxiety to anxiety. People worry because of a problem, while people are anxious because he wanted to solve the problem." Harold Stephens 
* "If someone's expectations lowered to the zero point, people will really appreciate all that he has today." Stephen Hawking 
* "Man can not discover new oceans as long as he does not have the courage to turn his eyes from the beach." Andre Gide 
* "There is no disaster that can not be a blessing and no blessing that can not be a disaster." Richard Bach 
* "Money has never and will never make people happy. More and more people have money, the more he wants. Money makes people constantly filling the empty thing." Benjamin Franklin 
* "Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and carry out a thought in action is the most difficult thing in the world." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 
* "" What makes you happy or unhappy is not what you have, who you are, where you, or you do, but what you think. "Dale Carnegie 
* "" The war may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men.It is a matter of spirit people involved in it and the people who led to victory. "General George S Patton 
* "" Feelings are not supposed to dilogikakan. Very dangerous for humans who rationalize their emotions. "David Borenstein 
* "" Man is controlled by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and pleasure. "William Glasser 
* "" To be truly great, one must stand with the people, not above them. "Charles de Montesquieu 
* "" Maturity of thinking is the ability to withstand the uncertainty. "John Finley 
* "" Education has failed to deliver the most important lessons in science, namely the doubt. "David Suzuki 
* "" A true friend will tell the truth in front of you, not behind you. "Sasha Azevedo 
* "" There is no happiness in having or getting something. Only in giving, happiness is there. "Henry Drummond 
* "" Better to be hated for what you have rather than liked for something you do not have. "Andre Gide 
* "" Anyone can criticize, condemn, and complain. But only men of character who can control themselves to understand and forgive. "Dale Carnegie 
* "" Fighting and conquering the enemy in war is not the highest excellence; highest intensity occurs when you are able to stop the enemy without a fight. "Sun Tzu 
* "" I'm not ashamed to admit my ignorance of what I do not know. "Marcus Tullius Cicero 
* "" If you can laugh together, you were able to work together. "Robert Orben 
* "" The effective leader is not about clever speech and self-image is to be liked; leadership drawn from their work, not its attributes. "Peter F. Drucker 
* "" One of the most basic human needs is having someone to ask where are you when you do not go home at night. "Margaret Mead :).... so sweet hehehe 
* "" Happiness will lose meaning if not balanced by sadness. "Carl Gustav Jung 
* "" The highest award for a hard worker is not what he gained from that job, but being what he was like that with hard work. "John Ruskin 
* "" If you do not raise the view, you'll think you're the highest point. "Antonio Porchia 
* "" Do not take the wrong side of an argument just because your enemy has taken the correct side. "Baltasar Gracian 
* "" You do not love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love him.''Ivan Panin 
* "" He who can not afford to give anything, he could not feel anything. "Friedrich Nietzsche 
* "" Happiness is not something you experience, but something will always remember. "Oscar Levant 
* "" The conflict between right and wrong is not the real tragedy in this world. Real tragedy occurred when two contradictory truths. "Hebbel 
* "" The rich are not those who have many possessions, but they are much to give her property to someone else. "Erich Fromm 
* "" Failure is not something that is important. It takes courage to do the stupidity to yourself. "Charlie Chaplin 
* "" If you live a hundred years, I want to live a hundred years minus one day. That way, I'd never live without you. "AA Milne 
* "" Love is when other people's happiness is more important than happiness itself. "Jacson H. Brown, Jr. 
* "" Good people do not need laws to instruct them to act responsibly, while bad people will always find loopholes around the law. "Plato 
* "" Conservatives do not have to dumb but most people are not smart conservative. "John Stuart Mill 
* "" Anyone can be angry. Anger is easy. However, angry with the right people, with a degree of anger the right, at the right time, for the right purpose, in a proper way, it is not easy. "Aristotle 
* "" Beauty is power, a smile is his sword. "John Ray 
* "" The greatest glory is not because we never collapsed, but because we are always able to rise after falling. "Oliver Goldsmith 
* "" A sense of humor is an important part of the art of leadership.Humor is important to associate with various groups and facilitate the completion of the work. "Dwight David Eisenhower 
* "" Integrity is telling the truth to yourself; honesty to tell the truth to others. "Spencer Johnson 
* "" If you want to live happily with a man, you have a lot to understand and a little love. If you want to be happy with a woman, you have more love and do not try to understand it. "Helen Rowland
* "" Never be afraid to perfection as you can never achieve it. "Salvador Dalí 
* "" Be kind to the bad guys because they are most needed kindness. "Ashleigh Brilliant 
* "" Understanding others is wisdom, understanding yourself is enlightenment. "Lao Tzu 
* "" I'd rather have five energetic and competent enemy than a friend who is not very smart. "Edward G Bulwer-Lytton 
* "" Hope is not the conviction that something will turn into good, but the fact that all those things make sense, depending on how we change it. "Vaclav Havel 
* "" Alone is good, but you need someone to say that alone was really good. "Honore de Balzac 
* "" If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame him if the wind unlock the secret to the trees. "Kahlil Gibran 
* "" Judge a person from the question he asked, rather than the answer he said. "Voltaire 
* "" We have no right to express their opinion until we know all the answers. "Kurt Cobain 
* "" We often think too small, like the frog at the bottom of the well who thinks the sky is only for the well hole. If a frog came to the surface, he will see a different view. "Mao Tse-Tung 
* "" Leadership is more trained through behavior and actions, not words. "Harold S Geneen 
* "" Satisfaction lies in the business, rather than on achieving results. Trying hard is a big victory.? Mahatma Gandhi 
* "? Men hate the individual they call avaricious only because nothing can be gained from him.? Voltaire 
* "" Lead from the back and let the others in front of when you celebrate victory. When danger comes, stand at the front, then people will respect you. "Nelson Mandela 
* "" Happiness always seem small when you get it. However, try to let him pass you by, you will feel how big and precious it is happiness. "Maxim Gorky 
* "" I'm not upset that you lied to me, but I'm just sad because since then I can not believe you anymore. "Friedrich Nietzsche 
* "" You know it's love when all you want is to make that person happy, even if you are not part of that happiness. "Julia Roberts 
* "" Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten and never lost. "John Lennon 
* "" If you never criticized, you would like someone who never succeed. "Malcolm X 
* "" Thousands of candles can be lit from a candle and the flame will not be reduced. So even happiness will never be reduced even if divided. "Siddhartha Gautama 
* "" There is no happiness in having or getting, happiness exists only in giving. "Henry Drummond 
* "" All things must be difficult before these things become easy. "Thomas Fuller 
* "" The opposite of a person's emotions with their knowledge of reality. "Bertrand Russell 
* "" From error to error one another, men find the truth. "Sigmund Freud 
* "" Justice and power must go hand in hand, because it's nothing fair and whatever may be in power in power must be fair. "Blaise Pascal 
* "" Truth is like the sun. You can stop in time, but he will never go away. "Elvis Presley 
* "" An ounce of action is more valuable than a ton of theory. "Friedrich Engels 
* "Someone needs a little madness, or else he'd never dare cut the rope to free himself." Nikos Kazantzakis 
* "" The best weapon of dictatorship is secrecy, the best weapon supposed openness of democratic government. "Niels Bohr 
* "" Perfection is achieved, not when there is no longer something that can be added, but when he has nothing left. "Antoine de Saint-Exupery 
* "Strands of love that is not based on a sense of sincere friendship is like building a house on sand." Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 
* "The biggest satisfaction in life is to succeed doing something that others think you can not do it." Walter Bagehot 
* "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." Winston Churchill, 
* "Those who are weak-minded will not be able to give a strand of genuine forgiveness. Forgiving attached only true for those tough-minded." Mohandas Gandhi 
* "Sometimes, even the small decisions that will be able to change our lives forever." Keri Russell 
* "The time is sometimes too slow for those who wait, too fast for those who fear, too long for an upset, and too short for that happy. But for those who always loved, time is eternity." Henry Van Dyke 
"In every beauty, there is always the eye that sees. In every truth, there is always a listening ear. In every love, there is always a heart to receive." Ivan Panin 
"You know, most beautiful things in this world sometimes can not be seen or palpated in the view with the touch, they can only be felt with the heart." Helen Keller 
* "When the power of love exceeds the love of power, then the world also find peace." Jimi Hendrix 
"In the past, the leader is the boss. But now, the leader must become a partner for those who are led. Leaders can no longer be led only by mere structural power." Ken Blanchard 
* "" Who's trying, it happens. Who is willing, then it was reached.And, who is love, then live. "Anne McCaffrey 
* "" The earth is enough for seven generations, but not enough for seven people greedy. "Mahatma Gandhi" 
* "" There are only two words that lead you to success. The words are "yes" and "no." No doubt, you have very skilled to say "yes."Now, practice saying "no." The ideals you depend on it. Jack Canfield 
* "" Love is not enough. Love is only the foundation, the first stone, but not the complete structure. Love needs to be more flexible, more elastic. "Bette Davis 
* "" Nearly all men are able to survive the difficulties. However, if you want to test man's true character, give him power. "Abraham Lincoln 
* "" We can not change the past. We can not change something that can not be avoided. One thing we can do is hold on to the rope we have. And that is the correct behavior. "Charles R Swindoll 
* "" Holy Man considers what he believed, like a beautiful thought what he loved. "Ernest Renan 
* "" Know your enemy and know yourself, then you will never be endangered in a hundred battles. "Sun Tzu 
* "" This is the 'religion' sederhanaku, do not need a monastery and philosophy. Mind and heart into the monastery; goodness into his philosophy. "Dalai Lama 
* "" Beauty is not located on the face, he shone like a fife-ray of the heart. "Kahlil Gibran 
* "" Each of us smile at someone, the act is a manifestation of love, a gift for that person, and something very beautiful. "Mother Teresa 
* "" I know who I am. No one else knows who I am. If I were a giraffe and somebody said I was a snake, I do not think so. Actually I am a giraffe. "Richard Gere 
* "" The best teacher is the last mistake you make. "Ralph Nader 
* "" Prejudice is an instance of stupidity. "William Hazlitt 
* "" Better have some ideas though partly wrong, rather than having to always be right but have no idea whatsoever. "Edward de Bono 
* "" Only you can change your life. Others will not be able to do it for you. "Carol Burnett 
* "" Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty.Anyone who is maintaining the ability to see beauty that will stay young. "Franz Kafka 
* "" Never even heard of other people's expectations. Through the way you live and live to your expectations. "Tiger Woods 
* "" No matter whether the cat is black or white, which is important to catch mice. "Deng Xiaoping 
* "" Great work was not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together. "Vincent van Gogh 
* "" Nobody can make you feel inferior, unless you own it. "Eleanor Roosevelt 
* "" Looking for peace just like to find a turtle with a mustache: You will not be able to find it. But when your heart is ready, peace will come looking for you. "Ajahn Chah 
"*" Someone will be wise when he began estimating how deep his folly. "Gian Carlo Menotti 
* "" Who is silent in the past will lose the future. "King Hussein 
* "" You can not teach something to someone; you can only help him find something within himself. "Galileo Galilei 
* "" Friendship is something that is most difficult to explain in the world. This is not something you can learn in school. But if you do not learn the meaning of friendship, you really do not learn anything. "Muhammad Ali 
* "" I did not expect to be everything to everyone. I just want to be something to someone. "Javan 
* "" To understand the hearts and minds of someone, do not see what she has accomplished, but look at what she aspired.''Kahlil Gibran 
* "" I prefer the truth even if bitter, rather than lie very sweet. If someone tells the truth, I will give my heart to him. "Shakira 
* "" If you judge people, you will not have time to love them. "Mother Teresa 
* "" People are optimistic look at the roses, not thorns; pessimistic people fixated on thorns and forget the roses. "Kahlil Gibran 
* "" To be modern busy most people even noticed the style of dress, speech, habits or behaviors. And that's not what is called modern. Things like that are very shallow part of modernity. "Indira Gandhi 
* "" Woman is like a bag of tea, you can not know how strong he was before menyeduhnya with hot water. "Nancy Reagan 
* "" Man must develop methods of conflict resolution that opposes humanitarian revenge, assault, or retaliation. The basis of such a method is love. "Martin Luther King, Jr. 
* "" Do not walk ahead of me: I will not follow you. Nor should walk behind me; I'm not going to lead you. Walk beside me and be my friend. "Albert Camus 
* "" Invincible is in the defense; chances of winning in the attack. "Sun Tzu 
* "" Signs of immaturity seen in people who want to die with dignity for a reason, while the signs of maturity seen in people who want to live humbly for others. "Wilhelm Stekel 
* "" If you want to make a ship, do not mobilize people to collect wood together. Do not also give them tasks and work, but teach them to yearn ocean without limit. "Antoine de Saint 
* "" Boredom is the second worst crime in the world. Being boring is the worst crime the highest level. "Jean Baudrillard 
* "" Women are wise to add a grain of sugar in everything that he told his men. The man took a grain of salt from everything he said to the woman. "Helen Rowland 
* "" I love argument, I also like to argue. I do not want everyone to sit down and say agrees with my opinion. "Margaret Thatcher 
* "" If others insult you, you may forget the insult; but if you insult others, you will always remember. "Kahlil Gibran