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Same response from me I've been saying since early 2008...#nobama. Then post 11/2008, "I did not vote for this Obamanation." And I will not again. But that won't stop him from getting re-elected. Because people are generally stupid.
In all honesty, it's not things like this that make me dislike the way he governs. It's the lies. Look up the bill. Dig deep into the history of who initiated it. ONE MAN and one man only introduced it. The same man who crapped all over the Afghanistan exit strategy and took our troops deeper. All the while SECRETLY deploying to Kuwait and Africa. I think it's common knowledge by now that the war is raging in Africa. I personally know of 100+ troops that were just deployed from a year long tour in Afghanistan straight to Africa. Now we are officially allies with Pakistan who still supplies artillery to Afghanistan. And seriously, invading our ally country Israel to pressure them to bomb Iran cause all of our troops are otherwise engaged? And so many are content to turn a blind eye to these truths. It's out there - you just gotta really dig for the info. TED NUGENT 2012!!!!!!
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