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SS&D: The Movers

We are looking to work with charitable organizations within the area in hopes of making a difference locally. We want to offer our services and expertise to help deliver food, clothing and other materials to charitable organizations which can distribute it. As well we have a referral program for building and property managers whereby we offer compensation for referring our organization. 
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Secured Shipping and Delivery (SS&D) is always looking to build new relationships. We enjoy working within the private sector as well as the government sector. We love working with building and property managers. When we have personal relationships with individuals who manage the tasks we ensure smoother transactions and better communication. 
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Check out this article we wrote on how to make your new house feel more like home. Posted under #movingtips  
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Gas prices have been fluctuating, however diesel prices are fairly constant. This means that trucks larger than 24 feet will still account for fairly high gas rates, while some trucks smaller than 24 feet may have lowered their fuel charges as they run on gas. 
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Money Saving Tip:
Have items disassembled prior to the movers arrive if possible. This reduces the time required to load the truck
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Moving Tip:
f you plan on moving some of your items prior to the movers arriving, the best items to take are 
i. Paintings and Mirrors (this reduces the time taken to wrap)
ii. Plants (plants require a lot of space as they are delicate and can't be boxed)
iii. Lamps and lights (this also reduces the time required to ensure they are safely wrapped)
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