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The United Nations is discussing an international response to near-Earth object impact concerns. Do you think more of an international cooporation is required for such an event?
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We don't need international cooperation. We can just scream and shake our fist at the sky. It worked for my grandfather; it'll work for my granddaughter.
Since an asteroid could devastate any nation, yes I think they should all chip in the money and technology. Or just ask China since they've hacked every nation's technology.
If NASA were to announce that a killer asteroid was going to hit the Earth 20 years from now. I can guarantee you that after 18 years half of the nations would be debating about who should step in & pay for the costs to stop it, and the other half would deny it & claim it was all a hoax.
Sounds familiar?
Well, perhaps we could contribute according to the size of the country: Russia, China, Canada, USA, who's next? 
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