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The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to rename the Dryden Flight Research Center to the Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center, in honor of the late space pioneer who flew the spacecraft Dryden envisioned.

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I'm all for naming places after people... but I think it's a bit insulting to unname something!!
Thanks Dan but in this case I did read the article (guilty on other posts). Naming the surrounding areas is not the same thing. Im just saying as a general thought renaming things after they have been named kind of sucks for the family. I have seen it many times (especially in sports arenas where corporate names often overtake dedicated names). That was all...
+Gary Rudd Please read the article again, because it is clear by both your earlier and most recent comments that you did not understand it.
OK then I apologize. 
As a kid, i remember the X-15 being the fastest, highest flying, most advanced aircraft in the world!
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