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See photos of the Inspiration Mars mission, which aims to send a man and a woman on a 501-day space flight around the planet Mars and back.
Below, an artist's illustration of the Inspiration Mars Foundation's spacecraft for a 2018 flyby mission to Mars by a two-person crew.

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Now if you could only get Obama to bring focus and funding to NASA programs, we'd be on our way
what he spends on trips and dog care should cover it
+jason freeman meditation would kill time that you got sick a looking out da winder lol hillbilly chatter there lol 
I'd like to go on this mission with my wife... just gotta get her to marry me first!
Is this not a Bigelow Aerospace Inflatable Space Habitat with the Lockheed Martian Designed Orion Space capsule that can carry up to 4 or 5 crew members and Manufactured by Beoing Aerospace (the makers of the Space Shuttle) testing facility's oyt in planed efforts to in future times explore the LEO based Asteroids for possible use in the future. It is yet unknown if NASA will be mining these rocks for ore and minerals to be used by Earth inhabitants.

In my view it would be a great loss if they were not used to better Earth, this would then greatly expand the desire for Commercial Industrialization of Space.

Similar Space projects were created by the previous president with his desired program to colonize the Moon. In my view this was canceled because a Moon base in time may have become America's 51st state and the current 44th president's political party seems to desire to keep Earthlings dependent on them for life and inturn keep their votes.
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