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Dennis Tito's ambitious proposall for a manned Mars flyby mission is explained in this infographic. Click to see full size.
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Hope everyone is practicing birth control otherwise they'll likely come back with 3 passengers.
"An inflatable habitation module could be docked for additional living space" - that seems dangerous though I supposed anything in space is kind of dangerous.
Maybe Dennis Tito's real agenda is to find the most inefficient way possible to produce two freeze-dried corpses?
Where's your enthusiasm, fellow commenters? This would be amazing!
No, no, noooooo. We have the capability to start a colony on Mars. Who cares about a flyby. I certainly don't. What would be the point, apart from to satisfy the self-indulgent whims of a spoilt billionaire . I am tired of these ego-centric rich individuals wanting to do their own thing. Here's a thought, why don't all the rich people pool their resources and push for a permanent presence on Mars for the good of "us all".
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