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Astronomers have detected an alien planet that may be capable of supporting life as we know it.
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42 light years if you cared to read the article
Hopefully, telescope technology will advance enough that we can actually see some of these planets in my lifetime. 
Whatever we see will be  42 years old imagery but still this is great news!
Coincidence that it is 42? I think not. 
This is crazy-exciting stuff. It seems obvious that these type planets are way more numerous than scientist had ever thought or dreamed. Life is out there. We just have to advance far enough to be able to really study and discover what kind of life is out there. We are not alone in thus vast universe. The odds are just so against that, and if we are the only sentient life it brings a new meaning and perspective to the terms alone and lonely. 
You cant drive there. 42 light years sounds far away, but on a universal scale that might as well be the apartment next door.
It's something like 400 Trillion Km
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