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Help Wanted: Astronomers are asking for help in naming two newly discovered moons of Pluto, which currently go by the uninspired monikers P4 and P5. What would you name them?
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name one of the moons cloe or cloe´
Styx and Phlegethon, two rivers of the underworld governed by Pluto.
what about Cerberus, that was the dog of Hades/Pluto even if that would be funny that a Dog (pluto) would have a dog (cerberus), but well, anyway, Disney already had a mouse that owns a dog. 
somnolentus, felix, sternuisse, LIENOSUS, permodestus latin names for some of the dwarves surrounding Snow White
cloe is good because it means blooming in greek mythology and these new moons are blooming and growing like a flower that we just found out about. 
certainly the fact that your name is Cloe (which is a nice name otherwise) had nothing to do in your proposal  
I think the name should be "the moon of the not a planet anymore pluto P4 & P5".
I would say, name the 4th moon Anane, and the 5th moon Jatinder. This names actually have a meaning that relate with the numbers
Allecto- 1 of the 3 furies of the underworld

Thanatos- God of Death  Both Greek Underworld "Mythical" Creatures
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