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Watch Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency launch a new X-ray space observatory, right here: 
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency will launch a new X-ray space observatory called Astro-H on Friday at 3:45 a.m. EST (5:45 p.m. local time) from the Tanegashima Space Center and you can watch the launch live.
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It's like you're Mark Watney (but without all the drama). 
Get the full Mark Watney experience and immerse yourself in a 'virtual reality' Mars landscape courtesy of NASA's Mars rover Curiosity.
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wow!  tanta pelear  maybe you two could go fighting at syria  war military's
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Neil deGrasse Tyson puts today's big gravitational wave announcement into context: #LIGO #gravitationalwaves
Astrophysicist, author and presenter Neil deGrasse Tyson “ties a bow” on the Laser Interferometer detection of space-time distortions from colliding black holes. Reminding us that planet Neptune was mathematically predicted before it was first observed, and that Mercury’s orbit was only correctly explained by Einstein’s turnover of Newton’s theory of gravity, Tyson spoke extemporaneously at a Columbia University press event on 11 Feb 2016. (Read ...
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Bald können wir die Nachricht erwarten, dass sie auch "Graviton" entdeckt haben. 
1) Sie entdecken etwas undefinierbares, mit etwas was auch undefinierbar ist. Sie können weder Materie, Energie, Raum oder Zeit definieren, aber sie wissen genau, dass sie die Gravitationswellen entdeckt haben, die sie noch weniger definieren können. Für wie dumm halten sie eigentlich die Menschheit?

2) Wenn ich Gravitationswellen nicht definieren kann, wie bitte schön, kann ich sicher wissen, dass ich sie entdeckt habe? Das ist mir Rätsel.

3) Ich würde gerne Wissen, wie diese undefinierbaren Wellen undefinierbare Raum-Zeit krümmen können?
Nämlich, weder Raum noch Zeit sind materieller Natur.

Gibt es im Internet Nobelpreisträger, die mir das erklären können???
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Nowhere is safe. 
A powerful greenhouse effect can destroy a planet's chances of hosting life, a new study suggests.
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Space Phrase of the Day: Moon glint (n.) — the unique effect created by the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water 
An astronaut on the International Space Station took a picture of the Mediterranean Sea at night and captured an image filled with moon glint.
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Not sure why everyone is talking about gravitational waves? Catch up on the story here: #gravitationalwaves #LIGO
Read all about the mysterious spacetime ripples known as gravitational waves, and what their discovery would mean for astronomy.
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"A massive object like Earth distorts space-time around it like a bowling ball dropped on a trampoline." #gravitationalwaves
Learn more about gravitational waves — the 'smoking gun' of the Big Bang, predicted by Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity in 1916.
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Wao!  how biggest the Big Bang
The Big Bang Theory is the Prevailing Cosmological Model for the Early Development of the Universe. 
The Key Idea  is  that the Universe is Expanding  13.8 Billion  Years  ago Modern Measurements Age  of the Universe.
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TY, Tim Peake, for this lovely footage of lightning from space.
Orbiting aboard the International Space Station, ESA astronaut Tim Peake captured flashes of lightning while passing from North Africa, across Turkey and over Russia. Video Show: Over Earth - Majestic Views From The Heavens
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We spy a spy satellite! 
A gallery of amazing space photos, satellite imagery and an inside look at the telescopes and technology that allow us to view the universe.
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Gorgeous Blue Blue Sky GOD Love
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So some researchers directly observed gravitational waves for the first ever. So what? Here's why this discovery is so monumental for science: 
On Sept. 14th, 2015, physicists directly observed gravitational waves created by the merger of 2 black holes. Northwestern University’s Vicky Kalogera and Shane Larson explain the find, made with the twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors. (Read More)
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It's official: Researchers have directly detected gravitational waves. #LIGO #gravitationalwaves
In one of the biggest discoveries in the history of space science, researchers have directly detected gravitational waves, or the ripples in space-time predicted by Einstein.
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Watch the science action live, right here:
Scientists are widely expected to announce the first-ever detection of elusive gravitational waves Thursday morning (Feb. 11) at 10:30 a.m. EST (1530 GMT), and you can watch the big moment live here on
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Hooray for the LIGO listening stations! Congrats to Einstein! Mathematics are powerful knowledge!
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