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HOA Series - Design, Social Media, and SEO
HOA Series - Design, Social Media, and SEO

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Excited to bring the Google+ Community goodness to Pinterest!
The Social Media Communities...
...are now on Pinterest with their very own board!

Keep up with the top posts in the community when you are over on Pinterest. Repin your favorite discussions and extend them to other networks!

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What would you like to see from Social Media Hangout in 2015? #smhangout

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HOAs Killed the Radio Star
Radio is still alive and well! This week, we find out right from the source as we talk to Shannon Hernandez, on-air radio personality from Station 98 KUPD in Arizona.

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The Past, Present and Future of Social Media
Some great gems of wisdom about the importance of social media, as well as the importance of disconnecting every so often to experience life first-hand. Then you can come back with the lessons and memories and teach others.

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The Week of Many Topics
Though it seems our discussion about Social Media and SEO turned into a debate about hashtags, don't worry, we did move on, covering the new Google+ Views we all saw on our profiles this past week, as well as a nice recap of Social Media Marketing World 2014 and why marketers and businesses are now scrambling to get on Google Plus!

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It's The End of Google+ As We Know It... Or Not

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Are you down with OPP, OPA and OPC?
Are you leveraging other people's platforms, other people's audiences, and other people's content in order to grow your own authority? Get great insight and learn valuable lessons from experts like +Eric Enge, +Ben Fisher, +Dustin W. Stout, and +Kristoffer Howes!

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Recaps, Updates, and LACK of Updates
Join us as we discuss a whole slew of topics related to SEO and Google Search. Recaps and insights from MozCon 2014 with +Mark Traphagen and +Eric Enge and listen in as we chat about the lack of updates on Penguin, and why we think that Google needs to adjust how they penalize those who break the rules.

Also in the show, we mentioned Twitter's new feature for users: embedding tweets within tweets, Google's acquisition of Twitch streaming video service for gamers, the future of social, and why Facebook and Google+ (or just Google in general) cannot be compared with one another. Get great insight and learn valuable lessons from experts like Ben Fisher, Andrij Harasewych, Eric Enge, and Mark Traphagen.

Unrelated: Don't forget to enter to win a Google Chromecast:
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