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Welcome to our G+ page!
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I'm a new SMF user. Recently converted from FluxBB. I am very pleased with SMF and my users are loving the new forums!
someone please save me from phpbb, I don't know why I switched one of my boards a few years back, but it is enough, I concede, and I feel like a fool
Hey, hey - owl is watching you all :) Dzonny speaking ofc :)
thanks, have used converters before, always flawless, the biggest headache I guess is trying to convince my template guy to reconvert the template to SMF and then the user acceptance problem.... but phpBB is just inacceptable, half the time u cannot log in, it is full of bugs, and totally bloated and complicated
Very nice page! Hopefully you guys get to use the hangout feature and other cool Google stuff.
maybe SMF should do some of those organized G+ hangout sessions? The Google one seems very popular :)
You are too late to appear on this :D
Does SMF have pages that you can use along with the forum: i.e. putting content and links to content that you want the paid users to access?
Yes, there are both "additional page" mods and portal mods that allow you to control access to the additional content. Please search the mod/customization site for specifics -- or ask further questions on our support site.
Will you made my day. I'm not tech' but I'm design and function savvy: know good when I see good. I am going to use SMF for a forum and intend to write and describe who the forum best suits. Looking at the demo's you don't see these features, and if you don't know you don't know!
A happy man....
The modifications ("mods") are all "unofficial" features, often developed by people other than the core SMF team. That's why they're usually not shown in demos. Having said that, some of the SMF mods are pretty good.
I beg your pardon, Tommy? If you are a user on the SM site, then you know where the mods page is. If you don't, then shame on you for not looking at the site and menus -
and BTW: I am the Marketing officer... :P
;)) what do you laugh, +Russell Najar?
+Will Wagner: dont beg me, I will not give you :)) I thought people talk about a mods on this GG+, not that mods on main site. Nice to see you, I work in mkt too. But this page is really lack of posts.
People don't talk about mods on our Facebook page either. It's not really meant as a place to discuss SMF - just a place for us to post important news and other announcements that are of general interest to SMF users :)
I don't know what needs to be marketed here, SMF is non profit and not much can be made here.
all people need to do marketing, all the government or non-profit there :)
FWIW, just upgraded from 1.... to 2.02. Utterly painless. Good job!
Does anyone know how to find the real photo URL in a Google Plus album? The page links won't work inside the img codes in SMF posts. In original Picasa I could get the jpg link by right clicking on the photo, but that only works for the front page photo of a G+ album.
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