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Simple Machines is happy to announce the release of SMF 2.0.7, an update for the SMF 2.0.x product line. This update, amongst other things, brings you PHP 5.5 compatibility. Please update at your earliest convenience :)
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I have installed SMF 1.1.19 + Simple Portal 2.3.5. Any one tell me step by step how to upgrade to SMF 2.0.x and the new Simple Portal. Thanks in advance!
dude, download the upgrade package from or directly upgrade 2.0.7 from the admin panel. However, I recommend installing 2.0.7 before installing any mods. Simple Portal 2.3.5 might not be compatible with the 2.0.7 upgrade because of your forum being 1.1.19.
I download smf_2-0-7_upgrade.tar.gz, from Forum 1.1.9 admin dashboard (in "Upload a Package" section), I set full permmision before uploading that file. But the forum said: The package you tried to upload either is not a valid package or has become corrupted.

How can I do? I did it right or wrong?
It seem that I have to manually upload smf_2-0-7_upgrade.tar.gz and decompress to /forum folder on server and then run upgrade.php !?
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