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61% of businesses have incorporated video as a marketing tool according to a recent study. The interesting fact is that 66% of these companies were not even using videos a year ago. The trend has geared up rapidly.

Learn more about: How Influential is Video in Digital Marketing, and a Brief about TrueView Video & Bumper Ads – YouTube Ad Guide:

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#ORM counters the negative material found on the internet by either eliminating the threat or addressing it to make a business look credible and trustworthy for everyone.
Read more about Significance to Maintain an Online Reputation for your Business & 6 ORM Tips:

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Email Marketing doesn’t require a team to create content or to send it across. Most of them use plain text to create successful campaign recommending that the content is what matters the most.

Many marketers use #EmailMarketing as a tool to create impulse buying. Read the complete article:

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Some businesses or brands use #websites as a source for #branding their #business, some use it to generate sales like an e-commerce platform, and some expect to create more store walk-ins.
The idea is that creating a website should have an aim, no matter what your goal is.
Read more about Importance of Digital Marketing & Significance of a Website:

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A #website has to be optimized according to search engine parameters to rank better with search engines like Google, Yahoo! & Bing. Let’s take a closer look at the:
7 Ways to Make Your Website Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

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#InboundMarketing is the concept of attracting customers via content and interactions rather than approaching potential customers or leads.
#InboundMarketing is considered to be one of the most powerful tools in marketing as a client approaches the seller rather than the other way around.
Read more about:
Inbound Marketing Concepts, Types of Contents & Their Benefits:

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The rise of smartphones has made sure that the social media market expands much more rapidly than it was predicted in the early 21st century. We have already covered a lot of the popular social media platforms in our previous blog posts.

Let’s take A Peek at Google+, Tumblr and Reddit & Rise of Smartphones in the Social Media Market:

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With so much importance to #SocialMedia, it is necessary to analyze each platform separately and learn about their uniqueness and flamboyance.
Today we are going to examine Pinterest and Youtube in this article:

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Google changes its search algorithms approximately 500 times every year to provide the best results for its users. Most of them are minor changes, but sometimes Google rolls out major updates that change the #SEO dynamics significantly.

Stay updated & don't miss out on life changing updates from Google, know all about:

Google Algorithm Updates, Their Impacts & How to Align your SEO Strategy with them:

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#Marcabees is a #DigitalMarketingAgency, where we take care of all your online promotions to expand your business using the #Digital world.
Marca means #Branding in Spanish, and #Bees are well known for creating a buzz around.

Please visit the Website: for more details on the services we provide, and check out our USPs (Unique Selling Prepositions) on the Home Page :)
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