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   Why Can't We Live As One, Why Do Two Souls Fight and The Reason
   The question as the title of this post is a basic question which we all need to solve from our part. It is a question we need to solve in order for us all to live as one. The Scorpions' song, 'Under the Same Sun,' has also beautifully reminded us the basic question and need of one love - oneness. So, let's find out the reason why we cannot live as one so that we can solve the problem practically and live together as one.
   In a previous post it is stated that things in life are either something or nothing. But we have not answered a possible question, why and/or how there seems to appear many different things or doctrines on Earth if there is only two things? (It is possible we can all tell that it is because evil that divide us exist.)
   So, here, let us dare to know that, these things, or the many things that appear as true things are the main nothings we cannot live as one. To name them in a wider sense, they are various denominations and religions. In a sub-division or primary sense, it is opinions that are untrue.
   It is this opinions that make even two member in a family fight one another as it also compose up the main nothings. So, in short, the basic reason we cannot live as one is different opinions which we have made as ours including our newly born opinions.
   For example:
   When two member in a family cannot let go their own opinions, one or both of them began to remember the different opinion (that is or make up the mindset) of the other. When it is remembered, a feeling of disagreement occupy room in the heart and mind, and if that is ignited or fed, it conceive hatred.
   And, when one or both feed hatred, even two person of a same house fight against one another. Then, a following unwanted feeling come to occupy the heart and mind that don't want to live with the other anymore, and separation follows - considering they part away in peace.
   How undesirable our opinions are that divided us in various ways till date, that even make two soul of a same house fight one another?
   When we cannot agree to one another, we cannot live together happily ever after, and that sure means we cannot live as one. And, the reason we cannot agree to one another is because we cannot let go our opinions.
   The different opinions maybe understood like this:- one person tells that a cow in a barn was red-brown in color and it has one horn, the other said it was white and it has three horns. In fact, the cow was stripe by red-brown and white color, having two normal horns. Both of them are true to some extent (half part, or more or less) but there was nothing - wrong thing involved.
   In order for them to be in one in thought and live together as one, they need to see the nothing which they hold as true. Then then seek and be open to receive the something both don't or cannot know or see.
   As stated in the previous post, 'Something or Nothing. A Must Perceive in Life,' if we all come (to be, or live as one) for good - to discard the false we held and keep the truth, there will only be something - true - truth - oneness - eternity. There will be no divisions, no more fights against one another, no hatred and disagreement but oneness happily ever after.
   Greatly, for that, we know we need to want and/or be willing to admit (at least to self and at large to the Father above) and discard the nothing we each of us hold. Consequently, we will keep only the something - the oneness, that includes the something - true things held or known by all of us.
   That's the way to eradicate all divisions from family level to worldwide level and begin to live as one.
   So, the basic reason we cannot live as one is because we all have our own version of nothing, that is wrapped with something like a gift box in each of our mind and valued. And, the worse is, we are unwilling to lose it though it does not give us any eternal benefit.
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S. Hauzel Sailo

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S. Hauzel Sailo

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S. Hauzel Sailo

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We are compose of things:
In fact, Dust and Air.
   Something or Nothing. A Must Perceive in Life.

   Things in life are either something or nothing - true or false.
   This post is included. It is either something or nothing. It is either true or false.
   But, why is it often called a thing when the later is not a thing?
   It is wrapped up like a thing. Beware, therefore, be aware.

   It does not matter how far and how many times we roam around in the world and in the space.
   It does not matter how much we work and how much we will.
   It does not matter how great we gather knowledge and how great we believe in something.
   What matter is whether what we believe in is something or nothing - true or false - eternally beneficial or unbeneficial.

   No matter how many denominations and religions are in the world.
   No matter how many teachers and leaders have come to exist and will.
   No matter who we believe and who we wish to be.
   There is only one thing that matter - something - true thing - truth.
   And, only one thing we need to know, whether it is something or nothing - true or false - eternal or un-eternal.

   What we gather as knowledge and held as beliefs are either something or nothing - true or false.
   There can be no third thing or middle thing. That too is something or nothing - true or false.

   But, how can we know what, or which is true or false, real or unreal if we are being deceived?
   There is only one hope this way: an open mind - a willingness to listen and change opinion as we seek.
   Because, opinion is either something or nothing - true or false. So, let's be open, and seek.
   Remembering, there is only one of two possible future for opinions and beliefs, whether it will turn out to be true or false. So, let's not hold them as truth.

  Since, no human was, is and will be perfect in this world, we have to agree that all the things we hold as true are not completely true.
   So, if we all come for good, to discard the false we held and keep the truth, there will only be something - true thing - truth. Or, else, nothing - false will continue to exist.
   Such are also something or nothing - true or false.

   What is something and what is nothing, what is true and what is false? What is Eternal and what is Un-eternal?
   Eternal and un-eternal will tell what is something and what is nothing, what is true and what is false.

   Thus, this is vanity and a waste of life or vexation of spirit: nothing - false - un-eternal.
   And this is great thing: something - true thing - truth - eternity.

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S. Hauzel Sailo

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Hurry, hurry hurry ... I needz hugz ... ;-D

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S. Hauzel Sailo

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I love it, people and animals.
Yes, we need to pray for all.
PRAY FOR NEPAL.....!!G +Babu.R
All of my prayers and good vibes go out to the people and animals of Nepal
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S. Hauzel Sailo

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I remember I used to dance like crazy in a party :P
Always wanted to learn how to Cha Cha or do the Waltz or Tango
Look no more! Join +Zvonimir Fras this Sunday as he starts a brand new dance series, Dancing with The Z!

The first show will focus on the Cha Cha. So whether you're a panelist or in the audience, put on your dancing shoes, make some space and come and dance along with us!

Zvonimir is a qualified dance teacher, has been dancing for years, taking part in numerous competitions.
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Dancing with the Z! The Pilot Episode
Sun, April 26, 2:00 PM
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Yeah, I'll try as much as I can (Y)

S. Hauzel Sailo

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God look at the heart.
So, let's give our heart to Him, not to anywhere and any thing or body else.
Then, when we appreciate things or others, it will be true.
Amen/In Jesus Name.
  There, on one top of mountains sat a man as the time has come for his family to give a report of their findings in order to know more of it, the complete of it. They had traveled around the world in search of secrets which they called the complete truth.

   The family consist of various kinds of animals. And, when all have taken their seat, the master lean toward the microphone, 'Okay, today, we are here to define love. May anyone who is inclined to share knowledge on it come.'

   A species of cat came and pulled the microphone toward itself, 'Love love is a taste.'
   The rest of the animals booed at the speech.

   Next came a dog and jump on to the pulpit, 'Sex is love or the other way round.'
   Again, the audience booed.

    A cock crowed at the microphone, 'Love is waking up in the morning and doing your responsibility and then going to bed.'
   There was a murmur in the family while a voice rises up, 'Get up earlier you fellow.'

    An eagle flaps its wings on the lectern, 'Love is looking for a small thing and appreciating it.'
   The spectators discussed the matter until some voices came up, among which, one is noted, 'Open your eyes wider and fly higher.'

    A whale suddenly jumped out of its pool onto the pulpit and said, 'Love is like that. It's a surprise!'
   'Okay, get back and hide in the veil of water,' a giraffe laughed.

    A rat came and shout at the microphone and quickly went back to its hole, 'Love is stealthy. I love it. Yay.'
   The cat were dumbfounded for a moment while others shout at the rat, 'shut uuupp, you flying teeth!'

     'You giraffe talk too much as if,' one elder, an old rabbit among the family turn at it, 'Now tell us or talk less.'
   'Such simple thing you miss to see. Don't you see I laugh all the way? In fact, love is a joke.'
   The elder's face turned red, 'That's why your neck is too long. Get back to your seat quietly.'

    'Do you mean it? Then tell me what is love, complete love and I will keep silent,' The giraffe stood up from its seat and the whole family turn toward the two kins.

   Feeling compelled by the situation, the rabbit raised up its hand, 'Respect. Love is respect.'

   The giraffe quickly replied, 'Go and give respect to the tortoise.'

      As the dusk was nearing and the family has to prepare for dinner, they look toward the host.
   Then, the definer sum up the findings:
   'Whether it is a taste, natural desire, discipline, appreciation or surprise, respect or care, they are all generated by or related to a feeling or sense, life or experience, and/or thought which is good to one or others or all which includes self.
   A taste is feeling good to the taster and so is satisfaction. Discipline is good for managing time as well as to self and the master. Surprise brings good life to both the souls related to it and care is a blessing, good to others.
   Therefore, anything that is done (from within but) according to goodness for good is born of love. In other words, love is a good heart, soul and mind to all.'

   The family understood how comprehensive is love and that it includes all things, all good things, so they went on to do their remaining work with love for all things according to their father.

#Definition #Family #Love #WhatisLove #CompleteDefinitionofLove
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