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Simple, as it SHOULD BE

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"Your apps can now change the state of WifiConfiguration objects only if you created these objects. You are not permitted to modify or delete WifiConfiguration objects created by the user or by other apps"

With the above changelog, +Google Developers introduced a breaking change in its API 23 for #android   #marshmallow  that will prevent any app to be able to modify Wi-Fi configurations created by the user o by other apps.

If you also disagree with this change that will irreparably break lot of good and successful apps, make your voice heard here:

We just published on the Beta channel an update (build #130031004) to partially support the new version of Android 6. Any feedback is welcome.

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The 3.1 version of Proxy Settings is being released on your device. We added a better handling of different devices and fixed some minor bugs. Starting from today also the #donate  feature is available so anyone wanting to support #proxysettings  can help us. 

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We are releasing an updated version 3.01 of Proxy Settings (Build 130030107). Lot of bugfix for different devices and some UI improvements. Enjoy!

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We just release our beta version with PAC support and some material design. Hope you like it, and have some other feedback!

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Really proud for this review of Proxy Settings. Thank you +Sebastiano Gottardo!
Looking for the easiest way of debugging your HTTP/HTTPS requests on Android?

In this article, I present you the two tools that help me dealing with this problem: mitmproxy and Proxy Settings. Extremely simple to use, but extremely handy! I hope they will become part of your arsenal, too :)

Feedbacks are extremely welcome!

A special thanks to +Sebastiano Poggi and +Nicola Miotto, my proofreaders of choice :)

#androiddev   #proxy

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The 2.16 release for ProxySettings for #android  is on the beta channel! In the coming 2.16 release we worked on the following features:

* Added support for Lollipop devices (still missing PAC setup), 
* Added count of used proxies
* Added possibility to delete a not used Proxy
* Completely refactored application backend logic
* Improved performances for devices with large number of Wi-Fi networks
* Solved bug related to application close and restart

We made lot of work on this version. We hope you'll enjoy it and give us feedback about how to improve future versions of your favourite #proxy #app !

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The last fix version of Proxy Settings is available on the #googleplay  store. Please remember to update your Proxy Settings in order to have the latest bugfixes! In the meantime we are working hard to release soon the 2.16 release, with a lot of additional features following your feedbacks.

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Hey Guys, we would like to share this little achievement for us! 

Your favourite #proxy  manager for #android : Proxy Settings has just reached the 100K total installations!

We are actively working on new features that will be released in the coming weeks, so stay tuned here for official announcements!
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