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Announcing the "Portable Sound Blaster" Group at Google:!forum/portable-sound-blaster

Hello Everyone!

All listeners of the Security Now! podcast with Leo and me will know the story of "The Portable Dog Killer" – and you'll also know that no dogs or seagulls or any other animals were ever harmed in any way. (I needed to get that said and out of the way, since I NEVER want or intend to harm to any creature, human or otherwise!)

Ever since May 2010, when we first aired that 40-year-old story from my somewhat wild youth, I have been receiving requests for "plans" for a similar device. From many of our listeners – and some of my friends – I have learned that barking dogs are causing people an amazing amount of grief everyday. Many people are unable to sleep at night, babies are being awakened, homes cannot be sold, and it seems that in chronic cases the dogs' owners are completely uncaring.

I am so busy and backlogged with existing projects that I couldn't drop everything to design a modern-day solution. Until, that is, my two very best friends, each homeowners, each mentioned that they were being driven crazy by neighboring dogs that spent their afternoons barking non-stop. I experienced this myself while wishing for a quiet afternoon on one friend's backyard patio. And my otherwise quiet morning on the peaceful Starbucks patio is often interrupted by the arrival of an amazingly vocal infestation of crows.

This all begs the question: would an innocuous blast of sound solve the problem? Could the neighbor's canines be taught not to bark, could the crows be guided to a tree further from people?

To begin answering that question I briefly put a project I am near to completing (and will now return to) on hold in order to design a research & development platform for exploring what can be done with today's technology. That design is now complete and parts are on order. Everything so far has been documented, and the public Portable Sound Blaster group has been created to allow everyone who wishes to, to watch and lurk, or jump in, contribute and participate. I will be quite scarce for a while as I wrap up this other very cool new crypto gizmo I'll be unveiling soon. Then I'll be back to build and share the first version of a next-generation "Portable Sound Blaster" device.

I wonder whether I'll be able to shatter a crystal glass? And if so, at what distance?Let's find out! <g>

I'll hope to see you in the group soon!
Portable Sound Blaster. This is an open public forum for sharing and discussing the development of various forms of "Portable Sound Blasters" capable of cordlessly generating high loudness b...
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All the dog silencers I've bought to control my own dogs have never worked. Would be interesting to see what this does. :)
Following the creating of this is going to be so cool!
I know someone in the market for one of these. We might have to assemble one.
Good luck on the project! I hope you'll post updates here periodically, not just to that forum.

Of course, I know we'll here about it on Security Now. :-)
Steve, you have to be prepare from the avalanche of comments from the Animal Rights society. They are wild!
That story got my son hooked on the netcast you do with Leo
I used have a small portable device that I carried on my bicycle that was generally, but not always, effective. If I had a dog on my route that would chase me I would just click the device while I made some menacing yells, and after a few passes it would train the dogs to leave me alone. You had to be close though.

And yes, Security Now is my favorite podcast!
I'll be following this development very closely! Thanks Steve for this and Security Now which is the best podcast ever :)
Looking forward to the experience
Can't wait to try one of these out on a particularly in the neighborhood...
Why did you choose not to use your nntp newsgroup?
+Brad Dux Plausible deniability?

Either that or its lower maintenance and everyone on G+ already has an account...=)
+Charlie Hoover He is clearly the owner, I don't think he has much plausible deniability.
I don't have issues with dogs, but this definitely need to be in my radar out of pure curiosity =)
Great to see you on G+ +Steve Gibson , would enjoy seeing updates of the PSB/PDK here aside from the forum. Love Security Now and the Peter F. Hamilton book recommendations!
w00t here we go on a fun trip with Steve !!
Cool I shall be joining, though I submit for your aprooval the name of "Sonic Disruption Blaster"
Great! These are not Sound Waves, it's a Sound Tsunami !!!
Gibson Gun?
Hypersonic Training Ray?
Gibson Radio Cannon (GRC)?
Aural Imobilizer?

Steve, I'm wondering if it isn't wise to seek an opinion from a veterinarian on the possible long-term effects on the animals' hearing. Not that I'm not sympathetic to the desire for this device (I've wished for one myself once or twice) but in keeping with the desire not to harm any animal, it might be smart.

Keep up the interesting work!
+Gavin Groom True enough. I just haven't heard about it, and it seems prudent to raise the question. If he already has, then I'm all for it!
It is always fun to build a project that you built in your youth, but better. I did the same with crystal sets. The problem is that I didn't stop at only a couple. I made 78 of them! So be careful with the rebirth of the PDK. It could be habit forming.
Thank you SO MUCH Steve. I have a new daugther on the way and I need to train our neighbors dog to not spend hours barking next to what will be her room.
One of the best stories I ever heard. The moral being the real point of it. Thanks for sharing that with us.
This is great, looking forward to it
@Darius Taslim oooh, recursive name, I like it
I like Gibson Resonance Cannon.
Or Gibson wave blaster
Kanine and Crow zapper
Hope it works to solve our chicken and Canadian goose problems. Have listened from the first SN netcast. Thanks for all the great work you do.
PDK was a great tool and Steve told the story so well. This new iteration will put it in the hands of more who can use it effectively. I'm interested from two angles - Psychology (behavior modification) and Electronics. I studied psych in college and in high school, I built a bass booster in my electronics class. When asked what it was for, I eventually simplified it to an "acoustic hairdryer"!
what sg needs to do is dedicate a security now episode to this might encourage others to get into electronics.
kewl taken a look not a big fan of nxp really but seen your reasoning behind it never the less very kewl sg.

if your interested this is very flexible and cheep for mass manufacture and such plus it open

looking froward to hear more.
congrats steve and happy hacking :)
Looking forward to seeing what comes of the project. Huge fan!
Hello Steve, looking forward to the finished project.... Love Security Now.
My People need a security program that locks down the MBR.
If somebody knew something about assembly language, hard drives, and security .... :)
As long as you can get rid of the crows at Starbucks, I'll be your friend forever!
Thanks Steve,

This may be used in a project to rebuild habitat for a type of shore bird. Specifically by deterring seagulls!
I saw the original show on with you and +Leo Laporte . I've never laughed so hard. Thanks!
I particularly liked the part where the PDK turned into a test on the Principal. This episode is a must hear of all the Security Now's.
yep and steves modulation idea was genius
I listen to Security now all the time great show and it's helped me be more cautious while online as well...hold on...someone from India is telling me my system is infected let me get my credit card out. :)
I can't help but think of The Weirding Way from Herbert's Dune, whenever Steve talks about the PSB. =D
Hey Steve, love Security Now but I don't do "the Twitter" ;-) Would you mind cross posting to G+ also. TIA
so here some more stuff that will help +Steve Gibson +Leo Laporte

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Power Supply and Battery Testing
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do pop over to and take a look at +Dave Jones EE community

Heaven on Earth
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Hi Steve, check out a Addon called "Memory fox". This reduces firefox's memory to 60 meg. Works well with tabs.
Hey Steve. Have you ever thought of enlisting the help of Ben Heck? He comes up with some killer mods!
Hi Steve, I heard this weeks podcast where you talked about the firefox memory bug. There is a add called "Memory fox" that has reduced my firefox to 40meg. It's very popular and it "WORKS". Give it a try steve and keep up the good work with Spinrite and Security Now.
Too bad it doesn't work in Linux
It turns out the FBI was using CarrierIQ for information.
lol i heard about the dog killer... clever. lmbo
I do actually think it will kill my ears before it would kill the dogs
The concept here is not new, they sell similar things at Walmart. Whether the implementation here will be superior, I don't know. I'm sure it will if Steve brings it to market, because if it isn't, he wouldn't bring it to market.

I do know I've not heard good reports about existing devices that claim to do this. I also fear abuse of these devices. While I've definitely wanted to shut up a neighbors dog more than once, I have dogs of my own, and don't want people blasting them with ultrasonic sounds. In the hands of a malicious teenager having fun, such a device could be dangerous and cause harm to the dog if repeatedly exposed to it.

The best solution for these types of cases is dealing with the animal owner. If that doesn't work, then you go up the ladder, whomever that may be. The landlord. The community group (or whatever people in communities often sign up for, I just have a landlord), the police, animal control. .... We are supposed to be a civilized society, so there are supposed to be mechanisms in place to deal with things like this.
it is possible that if steve focuses the soundwaves just like you would with UHF band frequencies and microwave,it would be possibly a quarter mile.As opposed to line of sight,he would be dealing with line of sound.
enjoying the show hi happy wensday
Steve,I am most certain you could do that.Just don't do what the fella for MEMOREX did on those Tape commercials.. we want you live,and not memorex.
(on another note) i will be enjoying this week.I finally got my old apple IIe software and the computer it runs on,up and running.Now,i have to create some programs for it.. :) have a great day Steve...... Mike
hey Steve LOVE the podcast and the Health info, I am a exercise science major and love your research and I have a hobby with computers and find your podcast incredibly useful. I wanted to ask what you thought of Dashlane (for password managing) and Comodo Unite for VPN. Thanks for your incredible work
Love Security Now and have a big dog problem.  I really need this device now!
So has the portable soundblaster project died? It looks like the google group is just spam now. Nothing new over there in a LONG time.
Hi Steve, I just saw your SecurityNow episode about homomorphic encryption. Although you repeatedly apologized about the complexity of the issue, and although Leo repeatedly said he can't understand any of it, I would like to tell you that you were very clear with your explanation, and I understood everything you said. Very is a very good explanation - thank you. No wonder they made you CEO at Twit (Chief Explanations Officer  8-P  ). 
Hey guys, I have not been on in a long time but have got a new mp3 device and want to get back into listening the podcasts.  I just went to Security Now (GRC) blog and the most recent entry was May 2010.  What's up?
i still want to get security now on my ipod touch
good 2 see yall live
2day good show
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if it repells birds-deer ect... will it work on the space creatures that will be here soon???
Steve hi,

For 5 years now I've followed you on Security Now and I've also used Spinrite for many years and I always refer people to it all the time.
As a security consultant myself I also deliver training to companies around the world in security. Every week I'm introducing and to at least 10-15 students :-).

Anyway a big thank you for your tireless work. I've always been inspired and will continue to do so.

I do have a small question? You mentioned in one of the podcasts that you have coffee making down to an art. Any pointers? :-)

Keep well
Dimitrios Zacharopoulos
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