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Fraser Cain of Universe Today asks in this video: What If We Do Find Aliens?

We've been so busy wondering how we'll find aliens that we never stopped to consider what we'll do if we actually encounter them. How does an alien discovery get communicated to the media? Who's responsible to craft a response?

Watch here:
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we will do to them,as we always do to somebody different..make them wish they never met us.....
Humans can't except other humans if there female, different colours, disabled, other religions, or different sexual preferences. So our viewpoint when we meet beings from another planet will be a distasteful nightmare.
We kill them... 😛
They will know how to build a better mouse trap.........
One day we will, but only after humanity has matured more than the war-like creatures we are today living in barbarism and the dark ages of mere Christianity or religion. Until then we'll only cause these so-called aliens to continue to hide themselves from us that we do not contaminate their universe. 
I'd read somewhere that they wanted people to know, but it's the governments don't, cause of losing control .
+Andrew Lowe The only way we can solve this is to become mature people, not war-like and barbaric creatures we are today.
The only way I will believe, is if a UFO lands in my back yard, an Alien exit's, then walks up to me, and hands me a RC cola, and a moon pie with a big smile.
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Hopefully it's not bad , but if it's going wrong. Hopefully we have a way to talk to them , without killing us . If I bump into one. I hope it's friendly. 
+Chanruth Kinsella Uhh...? Yeah... I completely agree with you that if aliens were to come down to Earth today in this day & age, from out there in the vast cosmos, many of us humans would be instantly dumping on them in a heart beat! So I hope that they never come because not one single person of the human race is even close to mature enough to get along with other humans, never mind cosmic aliens!
aliens surely have higher intelligence than we are , we better show them that we are civilize , good natured beings , and that we are friendly ,
we can learn from them as they can learn from us,
i think we should welcome them.
And if we are allowed to make it off this war-like planet, we'd undoubtedly take our war-like barbaric ways with us to conquer, not to explore and make friends.
Nothing special. They will offer shiny glimmering stuff to us and we will in return provide precious and rare metals.
History will repeat, again.
We already have! We call them cats, and they have high jacked YouTube and made millions of people SLAVES!
if we find aliens (or if they find us) we better hope they aren't as warlike as we are
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