Signals from A Nearby Star System? (Updated)

Encouraged by the strange signals recorded at the Arecibo radio telescope, the Allen Telescope Array was used to try and confirm same, as noted. The ATA observed Ross 128 for about 16 hours over three days, and while there was human-generated interference, there was no evidence for a signal originating from the star system. The Green Bank Telescope, part of the Breakthrough Listen project, and the Arecibo antenna itself also went into “confirmation mode” to check out these signals.

It now seems clear that the Arecibo detections were due to transmissions from Earth satellites in geosynchronous orbit. Ross 128 has a declination (a coordinate which can be likened to latitude) of close to 0 degrees, which places it in the thick of a phalanx of these satellites. It was telemetry from these satellites, and not extraterrestrials, that account for the signals.

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