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This has been an exciting year for exploration and discovery at the SETI Institute:

* NASA's Kepler mission revealed thousands of exoplanets that orbit distant stars, an area of expertise for a dozen of our scientists who work on the Kepler team.

* SETI Institute scientists found evidence of ancient carbonates and clays on Mars suggesting that liquid water once flowed there.

* Other scientists discovered multiple moons orbiting around Pluto, Saturn, and showed that even asteroids can have moons.

The SETI Institute depends on private sources of funding to continue our search and to support our education and outreach programs. That’s why your continued help is so important—without supporters like you, our quest could come to an end.

Please help us make the most of this unique opportunity by sending a gift today. A donation of any amount will be DOUBLED, boosting your $25 donation to $50 or $50 to $100.

Donate here:
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I prefer to donate my money to help the people of Africa. They live in extreme poverty and lack the most basic services ..
+Qwerty Huizar​ considering the sums that have already been given to Africa, until they remove the corrupt governing regimes that take the money and don't give it to the people, any donation you give won't help the people you want it to help
+Qwerty Huizar we donated 12 Articulated trucks to Africa to assist with hauling food and water, withing 6 weeks they were stripped and sold for parts, I won't help people who don't help themselves again.
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