A Piece of Mars: Bedforms on crater rims | Lori Fenton's Blog

Dunes and ripples most commonly form in topographic lows. But not in this 0.96×0.54 km (0.6×0.34 mi) scene. Here, and in other places on Mars, these bedforms (called TARs) form on plains, and sometimes appear to cling to the rims of craters – which are topographic highs, not lows. It’s not clear how this happens: Does the topography of the crater rim provide a wind shadow that allows windblown sediment to accumulate there? Or was there simply more loose material on the crater rims to begin with, allowing these things to form in place? I’m open to suggestions.

Credit: HiRISE ESP_047787_1910 NASA/JPL/Univ. of Arizona

Larger image: http://buff.ly/2gGd3rk
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