No wrong side of Earth for Meteor Camera Network

On October 1, the third station of a new 48-camera, video-surveillance network in the United Arab Emirates has come online to help map meteor showers. The network complements the existing 80-camera Cameras for Allsky Meteor Surveillance (CAMS) network twelve time zones later in California.

"Some meteor showers last only for hours," says SETI Institute meteor astronomer Peter Jenniskens. "Now, we can catch those even when California is on the wrong side of Earth."

The new network was established by astronomer Mohammad Odeh of the International Astronomical Center in Abu Dhabi, with support from the United Arab Emirates Space Agency. Data are transmitted to the SETI Institute, where Jenniskens calculates the meteor trajectories as part of an ongoing NASA-sponsored meteor shower survey.

"The new network is performing well," says Odeh. "It captured 67 meteors in the first night of observations."

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