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SETI Institute . hung out with 16 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Fraser Cain, Heather Chilton, Scott Lewis, Rachel Harris, Amy Miller, David Summers, Noah Hammond, Dale Andersen, Janice Bishop, Aaron Castellanos, SETI Institute ., Oana Marcu, Cynthia Phillips, Lori Fenton, Rosalba Bonaccorsi, and David Knight
Google+ Hangout - Mars Curiosity Landing with SETI Institute
SETI Institute and 16 others participated
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What's the reference for altitude on Mars? It can't be sea level, seeing as there are no seas there. I guess this applies to the moon also, and every other body in the solar system that doesn't have liquids on the surface.
If we ever came close to evidence of lifeforms what is the next step for you and NASA?
Jim Cox
+SETI Institute Thanks for putting on this hangout. Following this hangout reminds me of what it was like when I was a little kid watching the news reports of the space program throughout the 60's.
I am a Philosopher based in London. How do I join the discussion? 
Don't know if this question was answered or not but is there an estimate of how long we will be getting any test results back if we have a successful landing tonight?
When will they start coming an how long will the river last... That's what I meant earlier
You guys must turn of external speakers to avoid that horrible feedback! Hope this gets sorted out before real actions starts
Shame I missed it. Only found you guys this morning. Oh well, there'll be others I'm sure. 
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