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#MozCast  Alert - Captured another integrated SERP redesign last night. The larger titles seem consistent across most of the redesigns I've seen. This one captures a new look for Image search - simplified, with a large CTA icon to see more pictures. The new ad format is also present here - it's still in testing (we're only seeing it on about 10% of searches).
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so cool that you can add the extra insight such as we are only seeing it on 10% of searches...
I know it's different for everyone, but I see the new ad format almost all the time now.
+David Iwanow The new ad format data is actually public on the Feature Graph ( - See "New Ad Format" about 2/3 of the way down. We've seen it as high as 50% of our data, but then Google scaled it back. They're being very cautious, not shockingly.
This makes the ads much more streamlined and organic looking. Gonna be interesting to see how much that affects CTR on ads
+Nico Drouin These are primarily design conventions. In other examples I've seen with the new ad format, the ad location/count matches the current layout (max of 3 on top, 3 on bottom, 8 on the right). On the top and bottom, each ad gets the yellow [Ad] label. On the right, there's just one label at the top.
thanks for the post +Moz . It's weird to see the SHOE SIZE CONVERSION  all in caps, too, for the link. I thought Google frowned on all CAPS??
In this case the green URL is lighter than what I see, and the title is not underlined anymore.
Also, more white space between each results. This means less results above the fold.
I hate this design. Too much white. Everything looks the same. It's hard on the eyes. Just awful. Title tags are way too big. Everything is competing for attention too much.

+ Huge title tags don't serve the user well - or SEO - looks like you have 60 characters now. But if title tags are important to telling Google what is on the page then it's not enough. + People don't read descriptions so we're all forced to have a few keywords on our title tags and ... whoah that's funny they all look basically the same! Ads of course can have any text (within the guidelines..) as the text isn't required for SEO to tell Google what the page is about. 

+ Of course on a general note, the new shorter title tags make the organic results seem more like the ads (i.e. they don't have so much prominence now)

And of course, with every "improvement" is it any surprise that the organic results go down the page? Each time, just a little bit.. drip, drip, drip.. filters move from the side to above.. now more white space.. oh and why does telling me I have x number of results in x amount of time get so much space at the top?

Prediction - in 2 years, you'll only see two organic results.
I'm in agreement with Francis about the view. It's really hard on the eyes. Looks like it wasn't "designed" at all. It feels wrong. I'm never a "change is bad" person, but this one isn't great. The weird sizes, and bolds. Ick.
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