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#MozCast  Feature Alert - Seems we wake up every morning to something new from Google... remember the call-out #1 box from yesterday. Here's one being tested with integrated local results at the bottom. The #1 spot takes up the entire page above the fold and then a little more.
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I wonder if this is a test in hope to get ads back on the right side more often.
Hopefully they only do this on "definite queries" that should only have one solid result.  If you type in a brand name, or a specific government program, Google displaying "as much content as possible" for the query wouldn't be a bad thing.

If they start doing this for non-branded keywords, I can see this being a major problem for all parties involved. Webmasters and searchees alike.
+Curtis Jacob The one we saw yesterday also had a KB "brand" box on the right, so it's tough to say. All of these elements (expanded site-links + "places" pack) are usually on the left - they just seem to be emphasizing and grouping them. Oddly, though, we don't see the "places for" language much anymore.
How did one organisation connect multiple addresses - Mmm... very interesting
+Paul Simbeck-Hampson You can add as many storefront locations to one overall Google Places profile as you like, and create specific notes about hours, services, etc in each one. In fact, if you have ten or more, you can even upload a spreadsheet to do it automatically.
+Dan Bochichio We can't imagine Google would screw with their rep by essentially turning all searches into "I'm Feeling Lucky". This probably will only show for verified sites where only one site accurately matches the search well, and visitors to that site don't bounce much.
+20 Creative +Dan Bochichio Without the local results, these are basically just expanded site-links listings. I'm willing to bet that the large font and outline "call-out" will appear for any #1 with expanded site-links (which is essentially any 7-result SERP). The local listings would have to be real entities, of course.
"Google Places profile" is it possible/easy to swop the ownership of the profile that manages the places listing? +20 Creative 
+Paul Simbeck-Hampson If you have access to the profile that currently manages it, no problem. If not, it's possible with some effort. 
saw that allready for of my buis. but a really small without competitors nearby... but it is to hard when a competitor exyists.... 
WOW! Thanks for sharing +Mike Blumenthal I'm not seeing the carousel yet in my area.though. Is this replacing the carousel? My brain is swimming trying to keep up with Google.
+Belinda McElroy I don't think this is directly related to the local carousel. It's really just an enhanced #1 listing for sites (probably) that already have expanded site-links. If those sites also happen to have relevant local results, they're being grouped, but those results are probably the equivalent to the current Places/Near boxes (2-3 targeted local listings).
+Dan Bochichio I imagine this would be great for those 'definitive queries', but it does sorta give the impression that Google already knows what you're looking for when you search for one of  the terms it considers to have a definite result. Wonder how many people out of 100 find that top result is the one they were looking for? I would guess it has to be pretty high. 

It still amazes me how fast things change, and how quick acting people are to take screenshots detailing various alternative SERP layouts and stuff, +Pete Meyers could probably put a book together with all the different layouts for local, universal search plus your world, etc. display changes and random tests he has covered over the years. Get all my updates on SERP structure and local results from the good DR. ; )
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