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"When you build a community around your company, you're building your brand and your business. In order to make that happen, you've got to have the right team in place. It's time to think differently about roles." See more from +Mackenzie Fogelson in today's post!
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There's a third option: branded twitter handles, as +Raventools does
If you are able to educate your employees about how being one of the brand's voices, then it can be a good option.
Said that I would not give a branded handle to everybody, but just to those who clearly have to deal with the public, meant both as customers and industry peers.
Hey +Anthony Pensabene and +Gianluca Fiorelli. Mack Web took the lead on this from +Raven Tools: I like the idea of your employees having an individual handle under your brand name (if they are willing to put in the effort to maintain it). As for your company handle and who's managing the face of your brand/community, it really depends on your goals and your brand. Many companies provide transparency as to who is behind their logo with individual Twitter handles in the profile. No matter what you decide, I'd recommend consistency so that the voice and integrity of your brand stays in tact.
So, this is how @moz treat their premium member: NO in-time customer support, NO email reply, and CAN’T log into their service. #moz #seomoz

Did you hear me? +Moz 
+Lawrence Lin
Really sorry about the frustrations with getting in touch with us! It sounds like everything has been worked out with our Help Teamster, Abe, but if there's anything else we can do, please don't hesitate to ask!
We've run projects where the company logo is the posting icon, and the header photo includes all of the contributing posters and their signatures. Seems to provide the best of both worlds. Choosing which people should be contributors is a different story ...
"you've got to provide value" I was actually just starting to write a blog post about this very phrase +Mackenzie Fogelson 

Good tips on Reading and Learning. At +Blueclaw we use an intranet and encourage everyone to share knowledge. We find using an intranet means that none of this precious knowledge is lost.

Education Education and more Education when it comes to building a team. Everyone has difference strengths & weaknesses it's now more important than ever to be agile in our line of business.

"Everyone who works in your company is on the same team" agreed and it's important to think like that don't get me wrong, but sadly in reality it doesn't always feel like that does it.

thanks for the share!
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