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On this week's Whiteboard Friday, +Rand Fishkin talks about the touchy subject of Negative SEO. Learning how it works can help you to take precautions to stop it from happening.
This week we will be covering a topic not often discussed on Whiteboard Friday. We are going to be talking about negative SEO tactics and how these practices function. Negative SEO is definitely not ...
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Rand, thank you very much for getting deep into pointing links :D
Very interesting read 9didn't watch the video). I'd say it could potentially give people ideas, but I imagine those that would already know.
Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge, it's sad that there are people out there which invest their time in doing evil.
I read the article. Thanks for sharing. I have a question about the duplicate content issue. Answer if you can. If I post an article to one article site, does this mean that I should not post that same article any where else? I keep getting either conflicting advise on this or just confusing advise. Thanks again. I feel much more informed after reading the post.
Great vid, looking forward to seeing spam link % or number of possible spammy links in OSE.
Hi +Margie Chavez - my understanding is that providing the article content is 100% your own then there is no issue with duplicate content... Whenever I write an article for any of my websites, I add it to the site 1st and let it become indexed - I then submit it to Ezine etc for syndication purposes...
As always great information for those of us trying to do things the right way!
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