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Whiteboard Friday has landed! Watch along as +Dan Shure shares some easy tips to get your tweets noticed in the Twitter stream. Happy tweeting, my friends. Have a great weekend, too. :D
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+Dan Shure thanks for the tips. I will be on the lookout for part 2 and 3. Or maybe setup a ifttt. 
I think he presented this WBF very well. Pretty cool guy!
Very good strategy to drive more of the audience to your G+ and YouTube pages. I think that is a very interesting tactic if you have good engaging content like the WBF videos
Basic and authentic, my hats off :)
Hey thanks all for the feedback. Can't wait to get the next two out there. Enjoy your weekends. It's a 3 day weekend in the states. Hope y'all are doing something fun?

GREAT question. I'd say it starts with identifying the right people.

Let's say you want +Tim Ferriss to notice you on Twitter. First, run a report in +Followerwonk to see who follows you that he also follows. There might be someone already who follows you, who he follows so you're one step ahead. If not, find out who those people are and who you'd be most excited about connecting with (if you're excited about something you'll almost never fail).

Second, do you have any kind of relationship with that person? Be genuine of course. Follow that person back if you want to. RT or comment on some of their stuff. Comment on their blog posts. Answer their questions if they need help.

Over time, developing a genuine relationship with the "followed of those whom you want to notice you" they will likely RT you or share your content.

Its honestly not a "quick trick" by any means. But the key is to think bigger and be aware of people who follow your followers so you can realize you may actually have a wider reach than assumed.

Hope that helps!
Agreed! +Dan Shure nailed it. It's like baby steps. Your big fish has no legitimate reason to start paying attention to who you are (yet), but if/when he sees your stuff "vouched for" so to speak, by some people whose opinion he does trust, then boom, you're turducken. Not sure if the Madden reference really works, but I was feeling it.
Is PART II up yet? I expected it today since it is friday again.
Not sure. It's technically not a whiteboard "Friday" but you'll see it posted on this +SEOmoz G+ page when it goes up :)
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