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Don't miss our 2nd edition of Whiteboard+ with +Rand Fishkin
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Awesome Whiteboard+ Rand! Thank you for the tips
Another great whiteboard. Pro tip 2 is awesome.
Fantastic tips +Rand Fishkin The infographic one is surely a worderful idea and actually I am producing that kind of content using also Open Data after checking the courses of the University around the country and then connecting with professors proposing it as educational tool.
90% will think this is a great idea.
20% will attempt it and find it too expensive or hard to complete
10% will actually complete at least one infographic and send it
5% will get a link back within 4 weeks
1% will continue to do this with great enthusiasm and good ROI

I am looking forward to be in that 1%.
Thanks a lot... infographic tip is huge!
Thanks a lot... for these techniques
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