#MozCast Update - We're showing a significant temperature spike for Tuesday (or between Tuesday and Wednesday) - hitting 103 degrees (see http://mozcast.com). Give or take a day, SERPmetrics and SERPs.com are also showing sizable flux.

There are no clear signs in the "top-view" metrics or evidence that SERP features have changed significantly in the past couple of days. A few days back, we saw a decent-sized jump in sites with expanded site-links (which also means they have 7-result SERPs), but that's been stable since the shift.

A few keywords that might hold some clues:

(1) "single family homes for rent"
For the past month, Zillow has held #8-10 of the top 10 spots, but on Wednesday that dropped to just #1-2. There's no clear sign of large-scale diversity changes, but this SERP shifted dramatically.

Interestingly, top movers also included "forsalebyowner" and "property for sales". Both SERPs also have Zillow, so it's unclear whether there was a shake-up in real estate, or if something just changed regarding the Zillow site or its status.

(2) "shopping sites"
On Wednesday, "shopnbc.com" came out of nowhere and took the #1 spot, but then fell back out of the top 10 on Thursday. There was a lot of flux in the rest of the top 10 as well.

(3) "restaurant menu"
Two restaurants (Bone's Restaurant and Weber Grill") jumped into the top 2 spots, and have stayed there. Keep in mind that our tracking is de-localized, but this is inherently a local query.

There's been some chatter of a Penguin update. Seeing massive shifts in the top spots is consistent with the original Penguin, but we can only speculate at this point, and this evidence is purely anecdotal. If you've seen similar patterns or have anything to add, please comment.
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