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+Rand Fishkin does his first Whiteboard+ - something new we're doing just for our Google+ followers. In this first video, Rand talks about ways to get immediate value from Google+. How meta is that?! Do you have anything to add?
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This is an awesome video Rand! Thanks for the advice. :)
You got to love Ripples, and with some research on real authority figures on G+ you can get back to the previous advice and +mention them and get the ball rolling. great first Whiteboard+
Great video +Rand Fishkin and wonderful idea to publish video here on G+.
My only worry is "how may I find the time to do all you suggested?"... but I know I will find a way :)
Great information, thank you for sharing! Can't wait to see what effects Google+ will have on search results.
Nice use of 10 minutes. I wrote down some great take-aways. Thanks!
I think it is a +2, you know.. cumulative thing, the more people press the button the higher the number :)
#2 - meta overload!

I especially like the idea of finding active users with ripples. I really value people on G+ who actively participate outside of their own profiles.
Great video Rand, thanks for the insights!
Well done +Rand Fishkin Very innovative use of G+ and video. Clean, simple, RELEVANT to a popular topic right now. Love the use of the whiteboard.
Thanks a lot Rand! I was tasked with getting the company's Google+ page up to speed today. Your tips helped me make a splash! :-D
I'd suggest trying to do whiteboard hangout and allow users to interject some questions or points.
+Rand Fishkin did a great job in this video clip. This presentation was simple, yet powerful. Thanks! I have circled SEOmoz's page.
Great stuff +Rand Fishkin as always! I can see that becoming an even more hard working whiteboard to which I am ever thankful ;o)
All points are great but really appreciate point number five, re: "ripples". Thank you...
Thanks for all the great comments everyone. We hope to have more videos here soon. Don't forget to follow our blog to see the weekly Whiteboard Friday's as well
Awesome! Creating a new brand (Whiteboard+) to deliver the message as well - always a surprise in the mix! Thanks Rand.
Things like these are the reason Rand's company gained such a huge success.
great stuff, thanks a lot
As usual this is clear, succinct, useful, actionable advice from Rand. Cheers.
this is exciting! Just another reason why it's not a bad thing to be an internet addict!
Good whiteboard... Started reading about ripples this morning before going to work... Going to try and get more value of it tonight.
Great WB+, to 2nd point is very important for newbies here on Google+.
Fantastic info yet again from +Rand Fishkin!
So muvh to cram into a typical day with so little time just got even harder!! Thanks Rand & Roger!
Great whiteboard video with some interesting tips on how to positively leverage google+. It will be intereating to see how G+ grows and intertwines within organic search
very informative...g+ is going to benefit many small businesses, especially with ripples! thanks for the vid.
Great Video like always, and love the new name Whiteboard+
Some great tips, Rand. Always on the leading edge...
Keith L
Thanks Great stuff.
Just started playing with ripples this week. Sorry I missed this one back in Nov. Thanks Rand!
Just stumbled across this post. +Rand Fishkin, you just got yourself another follower =D Great post.
Great performance. Excellent way to tell a story in a simple way but getting the message through thanks +Rand Fishkin for some great 10 min
I like the casual Whiteboard approach to getting your message across. Thanks,
How can I test out Google Ripples if I've never had any of my G+ post shared :( ??
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