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Some topic teasers for you this Friday:

+Aleyda Solis on "International SEO and the Future of Your ROI"
+Avinash Kaushik on "Simplifying Complexity: Three Ideas For Higher ROI"
+Karen McGrane on "The Mobile Content Mandate"
+Dharmesh Shah on "The 7 Heavenly Habits of Inspired Inbound Marketers"
+Joanna Lord on "Let's Play for Keeps: Building Customer Loyalty"
+Kyle Rush on "Win Through Optimization and Testing"
+Dana DiTomaso on "Next Level Local Tactics: Making Your SEO Stand Out"
+Will Critchlow on "Living in the Future of User Behavior"
+Pete Meyers on "Beyond 10 Blue Links: The Future of Ranking"
+Rand Fishkin on "The Secret Ingredients of Better Marketing"

Also talks by +Richard Baxter +Lena West +Ross Hudgens +Matthew Brown +Mackenzie Fogelson +Phil Smith +Phil Nottingham +Carin Overturf +Aaron Wheeler +Miranda Rensch +Adam Audette +Brittan Bright +Nathalie Nahai +Annie Cushing +David Mihm +Allison Urban +Carrie Gouldin +Sarah Bird +Wil Reynolds +Jennifer Sable Lopez 

Plus, plenty of hugs from me! :)
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