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#MozCast  Feature Alert -- The paid shopping carousel, may be going live. Here's a screenshot for "laptops" - almost everything above the fold is a paid result. Note, too, the new expanded gray toolbar...
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Ties in to the new "Shopping" type of campaign replacing PLAs 
Not very surprised to see this happen, only a matter of time until the first organic result is on page 2 (or 8 on mobile)
+Evan Pryce That might be a bit of a stretch, because Google would probably consider that far too much of a sacrifice to UX (which would drive too many people away from using Google, rendering their ads useless). Actually the carousel is far less invasive on mobile in my opinion... Here is what I get on my device, in this order:

Above the fold:
-1 ad
-2 organic results

Below the fold:
-5 more organic results
-3 news results
-2 more organic results
-3 in depth articles
-3 more ads 
How long until Google "jump the shark"?
+Nicholas Chimonas I tend to think that you're right and carousels were designed for mobile. Not only does it help offset smaller screen-size, but swiping is a very natural action in mobile. The song carousel, for example, looks much more natural on mobile than desktop.
Looks like a split test. Mine are showing in a large box on the sidebar...
There are more ads now then organic results. The guys at Google are really starting to overdo it and if they continue many people will start using other search engines that offer an easier to use interface as long as the results are similar.

Remember the days when Google was a clean website with a UX that intended to drive usability with easy to find results?

Those were the days my friend, we thought they never end.......

At some point google is going to add some filters like price range and kill all price comparison sites.
Google: "Since we cant figure out how to improve search result quality by finding paid links, widget links, link directory spam, doorway page spam, etc., lets just hide everything but our own ads."
Google is promoting ads too much, forcing webmaster to go for adwords, google wants more billions in their pocket , Poor webmasters
If you're interested in learning more about Google Shopping, +Elizabeth Marsten will be speaking how to kick butt at it at #MozCon  this summer. :) 
Google is making life very very difficult for e-commerce companies. CTR for organic results going down and we can't do anything about it.
Google wants ALL seo people to become ADWORDS advertiser.... He really doesn't like the existence of an Industry (SEO) which is not giving money directly to him...
Sure, I was talking about Google's plan. I don't feel like I'm losing my job so soon...
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