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Check out +Rand Fishkin in the latest edition of Whiteboard+ - Why Every Marketer Now Needs to Employ a Google+ Strategy
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Been a fun night for the Moz. Thanks for updating the +. I love this stuff!
After 2 tweets and 1 G+ comment, my (actually, our) pleading finally paid off!
Thanks for your insight. Google+ is moving and moving fast. Just trying to keep up.
It'll be a slow download from Ecuador, but worth the wait for sure. Thanks!
You are the best! SEOmoz and Rand rule!
I'm late, but I'm on it! Thanks Rand/Roger!
I can feel the sense of urgency. It looks like he hasn't slept in a while. I'm glad it doesn't change at the top of the game.
Thanks for the simple explanation of what's going on here Rand. I have to say the irritation of Google's refusal to let Brands be Brands has definitely slowed up Google+ adoption for our clients. Companies very easily lose patience with the whole process when they have had active Company Google accounts for gmail, WMT, & Analytics for years, but log into that account and try to join G+ to get the whole "you have to be a person" routine. The stupidity of this is really quite unbelievable. Isn't it obvious that most Brands want to be known as a Brand and don't want their corporate identity to be seen as though it were some hobby project of an employee? Since it's actually easier to confirm the existence of a corporation than an individual person, this seems to be a pretty comprehensive FAIL.
Great video! I think Rand really hit all the important points. While I wasn't that excited at first, I've really come to enjoy the simplicity of Google+ over Facebook. I also like how easy it is to expand your network with like minded people.
I have a question as I am confused (as always).

I do a search and allow the Personalized. I have post ranking from people I do not follow here (as their name says "Add to Circles". I also do not follow them on Twitter, FB, Quora, Picasa, Flickr (they are total strangers)

Are they connections of people I am connected to? If so then what is the point of it being "personalized" if I see stuff from strangers???

If it is extended connections then how far would those be or will it be never ending at some point?
great info. Who would have thought one day you could be page 1, top, right side and all without all that seo work. Still, logged out users will hopefully get better targeted results as we see now.
How do you grow a network without opening it up, ever so slightly? G+ will probably have privacy growing pains larger than Facebook, but this is the tact they have taken. I'm not saying whether it's for better or for worse. Though this really makes me question Google's stance on (not provided) organic keywords a lot more. 'A lot more' can be quantified by the mass of the universe. It's all about privacy, right?
Just discovered Whiteboard+ more or less accidentilly via Twitter - glad I didn't miss it!
Its really awesome video & very informative..;
but how to implement this video nto my blog? with youtube i would know ist, but now?
Terrific run through of G+ features in the serps and super compelling argument for a Google+ content strategy, this post is also a very smart practical example of how a brand can launch into plus using more or less the same content strategy as their own blog. Love it, thanks buddy!
I think this shows the deeper plan of Google+ - way to go, Rand!
Well Rand, it might all be true what you state in this video, but when i search using the search term "Rand Fishkin", guess where your Google+ profile ends up in the search ranking... Nr. 9!
- What has changed in the Google search results? Have they changed their algorithms lately? I have a similar experience searching my own name. What you claim was true earlier, but Google seem to have done something radical to their algorithms, or what's going on? Any thoughts on that Rand?
Great review for Google + I've seen it in my profile as I search my name. But learning from what you have shared here increases my understanding about this Google plus. Thank you..
Hi Rand,
I substantially agree with you, and living and working in markets where Search Plus is not running yet, I feel like an observer.
But my suggestion, as it was when Panda came out first in, is that everybody should prepare for it and so acquire a competitive advantage.

Then you say that Google may use it as a webspam detector. Not really sure about it. What I fear is what I call the evolution of paid links, being in G+ paid status updates with a link dropped. If finely done, they are not so easily to detect from the "natural" ones, so the "reputation crisis fear" is not really a deterrent.

Great video and gives a clear indication that you cannot ignore g+. One of the things I find interesting is the surfacing of the other Google properties such as picasa, if they were to start to include information from say gmail as well email marketing is going to increase in relevance. The other area that so sprang to mind was spyw and location e.g. so I visit Seattle use Google to look for restaurant and get back results based on my current location and my g+ network that is a very strong driver in my decision making process.
Nice white board Presentation of Google+ integration in Google search....
Great insights. Will sure join you guys again.

I appreciate this information...

Google has been trying to personalize web search as much as possible. This is just another step in their evolution of giving you a biased search result based on what they think you want/expect. Even a month ago both you and I could search for the same thing on Google and we'd get different search results based on our previous search and click history. I'm not 100% sure how they track it, but I'd think it's a mix between cookies and your IP address (although there may be a more clever way of doing it).

I personally hate the idea of a personalized search result. I'd like an objective opinion/result, not something that reinforces what I know/have seen before. Learning new things is harder when you're given mostly things that fit you. For example, this is why you (Rand Fishkin) would see yourself at the top and others at the 9th search result.

I hope in the future you can turn this personalization off so you can see better what everyone else sees.
This is a really interesting development, and as one commenter mentioned, building links to Google+ pages might be a good way to build a lot of relevance for a particular brand.
Okay, so we can say goodbye to traditional keyword based SEO. Great prresentataion
Great share, I have noticed that one too as the plus rolled out.
This is a great report card of how hard people at Google work to bring new technology to normal people.Love the personal results inclusion.Fantastic Job on the presentation.
Excellent Video, Google+ is going to change the SEO.
Nice video, I better get to work on building my circles.
Thanks for all the great comments and shares everyone! We'll be posting the video on the blog as well probably early next week fyi +Knut Barth and +Miguel Lopez :)
Great video Rand. I completely agree, G + will be on top this year
Timely post! It's been the question I've been getting from clients this week.
Best whiteboard yet. I liked the tiptoeing around the "relevance," issue. It's going to be 9 months of Hell before they scale this back some. THey still don't learn from their buzz & wave mistakes.
ahh brilliant, i love rand fishkin.Thanks very much for this video.
Google World Domination! I don't know why people complain about Google's approach to how they run their business. If you don't like it, use Yahoo.
+Seb-Gates aka Vamadev
Right ... so, you recommend that rather than people make a noise and possibly get things changed - they should instead ditch their livelihood, and stop offering much needed services to their clients.
Smart suggestion!

I have my own suggestion - how about people who are thinking about saying such daft things, don't?

You don't have any choice.
G have ensured that tehy are Required. You have to be in with G, you have to follow the path they lay, else you will not rank.
Well, after watching that drivel ... not really a lot in there than anyone with half a braincell couldn't have fathomed :D

I'm also not 100% convinced about the Social Signals for Quality/Spam concept.
G could have done the same for Spam and Links ... but at the end of the day, they have gone the same route as they have gone before ... Popular = Ranking.
Not Quality.

So, if you are new, and don't market to the right people, don't kiss butt, don't have the budget to support a proper campaign, and lack social ties to relevant/important and popular people ... you are as boned as being without much linkage.

Nice to see G have learned their lessons ... not :(
I blogged about this exact same thing back in November. Why Google+ Pages Should Not Be Ignored (by marketers)
Fantastic presentation. The explanation of the search results gives great insight into how marketers can maximize the social amplification opportunity. Can't wait for the follow up! 
Great stuff - thanks rand-
How do you get people to add your brand to your circle seems like regular people aren't on google + yet? just the very savy
Holy Cow! This has stopped me in my tracks and forced me to drop what I'm doing, to do this instead. Does anyone else feel this way also, or is it just ADHD? :P
I think I am connected with you on Google+ but in my search ( your Plus page ranks about 13th for your name. On it is 14th. I was logged in. FWIW
Wow, great job! Very interesting, and based on real "searches +", not just opinions. I think you pointed out one of the main aspect: Google wants people do business with G+ at least as much as they do with Facebook, or even with AdWords.
i don't see your g+ ranking first :-) . It ranks 5th
Great whiteboard! Very interesting. Thanks!
Thanks! This was one of the most interesting presentations of G+ strategy I've seen so far.
why is it that Google always forces something new? Just bring back the old results back. Today, when I try to search for something, I get resh, UNRELEVANT results all the time. I don't care, nor do I wanna see some guy's face on my Google results---
I get the point of this video; however, I think it's a safe bet that Google backs off from this integration voluntarily in the next six months, or the Department Of Justice and / FTC makes them.
+Brandon Mendelson Google should back off not because of fear that someone will pull them.But till G+ matures and has good amount of Content, so that the personal search will be more relevant.
Moreover Google is playing a great game to shackle FB,Twitter and MS marriage or get FB and Twitter onto Google search.Or otherwise google will do what it is doing now.SPYW
I noticed google profile out rank a 4 year old facebook, in 4 days. The client and I were very surprised and happy about this. However, becarefull how you stucture your profile page becasue google already suspeneded my account for adding one keyword in the " What movies you like" and after changing this, google took a week to r evaliuate the profile. Google plus rocks, just be careful your not keyword stuffing.
WOW! Great information especially for marketers because everything is changing and it's better to be "keeping up" with it rather than "catching up!"
Thanks +Rand Fishkin! Do you think this move might cause Google to lose market share in the search industry?
Interesting and useful information. There may be a lot of irrelevancy right now, but Google will force people to participate in order to make its personalized search more relevant. That Google is very sly.
Interesting Whiteboard. Thanks for sharing.

BUT: who says, Google doesn't change that positioning in the future? It seems, SEO would be toooooo easy then... Just having an account and writing about stuff I like? Eh......
Thanks for the great video :) What if you have sites in several languages, should one create one google+ page / language to get the KW advantage?

Thanks for video +1! Do you think the best strategy will be to get into many-many people`s cicles (for me and for my compnay brand page)?
+Kristina Nyberg I was wondering when this was going to come up. It will be interesting (as always) to see how it's handled.
Would you suggest marketers make a Google+ business page an industry they're in?

For example, a company I help created the original glow-in-the-dark golf ball and people refer to the sport as 'glow golf' or 'night golf'.

Would you suggest I make a business page for 'Night Golf', ''Glow Golf', and 'Glow-in-the-Dark Golf Balls' (the most important search term) in addition to a regular page for the company?
Great news for social media marketers. A continued blurring of the line between SEO and social media.
Absolutely agree! I'm seo for a travel agency in french canadian market. Since 4-5days for now, on you can see our brand with only 4 first letters of "voyage" (travel in french), with 6 sitelinks and 2 G+ post. Woah! That's mor space than 12 sitelinks this summer! But this make also major change in requests and CTR... So in 3-4 weeks I don't know if these changes will remain.
Spammers might mess this all up if this strategy gets of out. However, having a profile or multiple profiles with google is hard to come by. Google makes you very accounts with a verivication text, to control spam but what if the spammer owns 20 phones? google has this issue partially controlled but spammers will find a way to get passed it.
This was a great overview. I'd love to see the next post give more tactical advice (i.e. checklists, creative uses of g+, etc). Will stay tuned...
I'm sold, now all I need is a job so I can implement this and further impress my bosses.....
I haven't noticed how google+ differ from others since this video. Now, as a marketer, I got the message... Thanks again...
How this can impact $GOOG in 4 months? $$
Thank you. Very well presented and some great actionable takeaways.
Great content, excellent thoughts and tips! Thanks for your insight!
dont i wish you guys can code real sh$

Peter C
I like Whiteboard so many interesting information
minh le
Great Video. Thank for your teaching
Whiteboard Friday just get more and more interesting...
Thanks for interesting post
Hmm need to update my G+ profiles!
My site went from Page 1 in my local area to suddenly becoming almost non-existent for unknown reasons.  One thing I've found is that the more I contribute to Google Plus, the more I regain my search ranking.  Great tips!
thanks a lot for this helpful informations.
+Larissa Gutscher No, this is a bit outdated. Don't think Google features that side box anymore.
Google +1 feature is now understandable.
I'm on google+ just telling you how fun it is to be there, it'll definitly get you guys insight if you check it out.

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