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In the first part of Top Ten Twitter Tactics (x3) +Dan Shure gave tips for making sure people who don't already follow you, notice your tweets. In the second part, he'll deliver the next ten tactics on how to actually grow your following. How to leverage places all around the web to get your Twitter profile noticed and followed. Can you contain your excitement? Neither can we... let's go! And stay tuned for part three appearing on our new YouTube page soon! (Part 1:
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Sweet! I've been eager to see the second part. Thanks for not editing out "So, hopefully I'm not taking too long." Perfect. 
Brilliant stuff! happy I caught part two of this little series. Like his presenting style too.. dealing with those pesky interruptions haha
Hey Dan, good stuff. I was one of the amuk runners in the MozPlex that day lol. Will catch the third episode on YouTube, thanks!
Awesome stuff man i am following moz i and learning lot of things.
COOL STUFF... I follow you to the next video.. cool
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