#MozCast  Weather Alert - This morning, we saw a large temperature spike (102 deg. F). Digging in, I'm seeing no evidence of a glitch and changes hit all IP blocks. There was a sizable uptick in our "Big 10" metric, which tracks the percentage of page 1 ranking positions in our data set held by the top 10 domains.

On 11/14, the top 10 domains held 15.4% of the page 1 positions we track - on 11/15, it jumped to 15.9%. Wikipedia, Amazon, and eBay all gained in the 3-5% range.

Here are the top keywords by the amount of overnight change:

1. "kaufman"
2. "lingere"
3. "obama speech"
4. "house insurance"
5. "deal chicken"
6. "subway job application"
7. "rental properties"
8. "christmas wreath"
9. "houses for sale"
10. "gifts for her"

This is always a tricky analysis, as we have to separate many forms of volatility. Keyword #1 ("kaufman") is a great example - this search went from an informational search to a news search overnight, because of the rumor that Andy Kaufman could still be alive. As soon as Google deemed it newsworthy, an entirely new set of sources kicked in. Likewise, "obama speech" is going to fluctuate every time President Obama gives a new speech.

It looks like "lingere", "house insurance", "rental properties", "christmas wreath", "houses for sale", and "gifts for her" have been flipping pretty wildly the past week, so it's hard to pin that down to a single-day update. Similarly, "deal chicken" has been flipping between 10-result and 7-result SERPs recently (this inflates volatility).

The search for "subway job application" was related to domain diversity - Subway.com picked up the #2 spot (in addition to #1), and pushed everything else down. Digging deeper, it appears that some SERPs gained diversity and some lost diversity. The net impact isn't much, but it looks like there was some kind of recalculation.

Unfortunately, there's no clear pattern, and webmaster chatter has been relatively normal. I'm waiting on some of the other 3rd-party weather station to see if they confirm. If anyone saw unusual changes to their rankings, please leave a comment.
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