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#MozCast  Update - On Friday, we saw a significant temperature spike (105 deg. F) that was surrounded by cooler days, a pattern similar to past algorithm updates (prior to the "multi-week" update and 10-day Panda roll-outs). saw a similar spike, although on Saturday, and +Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable noticed some increase in webmaster chatter (

This temperature spike occurred across both of our data sets and all data centers tracked that day. It also appeared to hit all industry categories to some degree. The top 3 most affected categories were as follows (% = the increase in temperature over the 7-day average prior to Friday):

1. Retailers & General Merchandise (+65%)
2. Beauty & Personal Care (+56%)
3. Real Estate (+53%)

A few high-flux queries showed unusual patterns (i.e. outside of their historical patterns) that were worth looking at:

1. "peanut butter pie" (219 deg. F) fell out of the #1 spot and switched to occupying the #4-#7 spots, which could indicate a tweak to domain crowding. The next day, though, it returned to the #1 spot, so this change was short-lived.

2. "sofa mart" (211 deg. F) went from #1 in a 7-result SERP to a handful of listings in a 10-result SERP. These 7/10 switches happen frequently, but this one seems to have stuck, which may indicate a deeper change. Local sites like Yelp, YellowPages, etc. seemed to shift around quite a bit.

3. "hibachi restaurant" (208 deg. F) went from holding the #2-#7 spots to just #2-#4 and settled in at holding 2-3 spots. This changes seems to have stuck as well.

Since Yelp appeared in two of these, I checked to see if it was impacted in our "Big 10" metrics -'s position did slip from #6 to #8 in the Big 10, but that only represents a slide from 0.80% of ranking spots to 0.71%. We've seen Yelp jump around in the past, and MozCast focuses on de-localized SERPs, so it's a bit difficult to interpret that change. So far, though, Yelp has stayed in the #8 spot - it didn't revert the next day.

If anyone saw significant ranking changes over the weekend (especially between Friday and Saturday), please let us know in the comments.
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I have around 300 websites and every last one of them had a 30-40% increase in natrual search traffic from Friday.. So trust me there was!
We saw a definite impact on one of our client sites just after the temp spike, dropping from Page 5 to below Page 10 for their primary KW. As of today it still hasn't recovered.
i don't know about this update please anyone help me that's how do apply this update in my seo role or for website
+Heidi Strom Moon I also face same problem in 1 of my site & still not able to recovered after Aug 2013, could u pls suggest if u know a way out, that will be great help. Thanks, Mayank 
+Mayank Sharma For us, it took an exhaustive inbound link review to identify any and all toxic links, followed by removal requests, then submitting the list of links to the Google Disavowal Tool, followed by a reconsideration request. After link cleanup, we also re-audited all site content and consolidated several pages. We finally saw recovery of the site in late September.
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