#MozCast  Update - On Friday, we saw a significant temperature spike (105 deg. F) that was surrounded by cooler days, a pattern similar to past algorithm updates (prior to the "multi-week" update and 10-day Panda roll-outs). SERPs.com saw a similar spike, although on Saturday, and +Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable noticed some increase in webmaster chatter (http://www.seroundtable.com/google-weekend-update-17142.html).

This temperature spike occurred across both of our data sets and all data centers tracked that day. It also appeared to hit all industry categories to some degree. The top 3 most affected categories were as follows (% = the increase in temperature over the 7-day average prior to Friday):

1. Retailers & General Merchandise (+65%)
2. Beauty & Personal Care (+56%)
3. Real Estate (+53%)

A few high-flux queries showed unusual patterns (i.e. outside of their historical patterns) that were worth looking at:

1. "peanut butter pie" (219 deg. F)
Foodnetwork.com fell out of the #1 spot and switched to occupying the #4-#7 spots, which could indicate a tweak to domain crowding. The next day, though, it returned to the #1 spot, so this change was short-lived.

2. "sofa mart" (211 deg. F)
Furniturerow.com went from #1 in a 7-result SERP to a handful of listings in a 10-result SERP. These 7/10 switches happen frequently, but this one seems to have stuck, which may indicate a deeper change. Local sites like Yelp, YellowPages, etc. seemed to shift around quite a bit.

3. "hibachi restaurant" (208 deg. F)
Yelp.com went from holding the #2-#7 spots to just #2-#4 and settled in at holding 2-3 spots. This changes seems to have stuck as well.

Since Yelp appeared in two of these, I checked to see if it was impacted in our "Big 10" metrics - Yelp.com's position did slip from #6 to #8 in the Big 10, but that only represents a slide from 0.80% of ranking spots to 0.71%. We've seen Yelp jump around in the past, and MozCast focuses on de-localized SERPs, so it's a bit difficult to interpret that change. So far, though, Yelp has stayed in the #8 spot - it didn't revert the next day.

If anyone saw significant ranking changes over the weekend (especially between Friday and Saturday), please let us know in the comments.
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