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One of the next step, in order to avoid the #mobilegeddon  is to use a next generation tool: Responsive Website Check.

Mobile is the future, if your website is not mobile ready or responsive you may lose potential visitors and leads.
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Removing a Google Penalty is possible! Yes, there is hope!
Recovering from a Google Penalty

+Matthew Barby tells how he helped a client recover from a massive Google link penalty.

An interesting case study on how to get a long-standing Google penalty lifted from your domain. Actionable advice, real data, and some great tools to use.
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Have you ever asked yourself "why using seo tools?" and why it started?
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Lapak !!!! Buat yang butuh bahan bangunan terutama paving block atau conblock silahkan pesan di kami
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Google is now very local and keyword ranking on maps/local is not exactly reliable! 

If you are into SEO and Google Local optimization, try this experiment:

Go on Google Maps and search for your favorite keyword and location, for example "court reporting miami", you will see a list of results...

"Good", you will say..

Now try to scroll or zoom the map... Surprised? The ranking changed.

What does this means?

Seems that Google now return the "best" of the neighborhood, the best that are near you, the best the someone can find near a specific location and physical address.

By the way, this kind of update doesn't affect the results of the Web search page.
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Some times it's better taking things easily and ironically... but it's so true.. Why Internet Explorer it's always slow, not responsive and not compatible with web standards?
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We are working on a new website so for the moment if you wish to reach us just use the (ugly) contact form on or feel free to contact us directly from Google+

Sorry for the inconvenience and stay tuned for more news!
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