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S.D. “Shawn Darci” Daugherty
Works at Starbucks
Attends University of Phoenix
Lives in St. Joseph, Missouri
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Shawn: The joy of marriage never stops. Just a snapshot of our lives at the moment. We've started a new church with some friends from Grace Community Church. Lots of driving between our apartment, work, and our social life, and as expected...a ton of coffee.
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Shawn: +Darci Daugherty​ treated me to an amazing adventure watching the Trans Siberian Orchestra at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri!

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Shawn: Our photos are always a bit off due to our height difference (6'5 vs 5'2), but nevertheless it sets up for a happy couple.
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keep it to myself 
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Shawn: A taste of the insanity of +Bassnectar​ from last Thursday night, with a brief cameo from +Darci Daugherty​. Pay close attention to the balcony, note it swaying.

#edm #clubdaugherty
Shawn: +Darci Daugherty and I had the pleasure of hanging out at the first ever "Rot & Ruin Festival", hosted by the guys at +Rock & Run Brewery. Great times and epic costumes!

#clubdaugherty #Halloween
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Shawn: Survived the holidays! Now back to some awesome clean eating! +Darci Daugherty​ made up some pineapple cilantro juice to start the day off right!

#health #fitness
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Shawn: Thanks for a random, exciting year with #ClubDaugherty ! Here's to a brilliant 2015!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
+Shawn Daugherty & +Darci Daugherty 
Merry Christmas! Scrolling back through previous posts I noticed that last year I left a family letter to the random viewers of this page. It was a brief (haha) recap of 2013, so keeping in new tra...
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Merry Christmas 🎅
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Shawn: Since the early 90's both my parents +Reta Massing​ and +Jim Massing​ have hunted white tail deer. As the years passed I added to the mix, and as of this year +Darci Daugherty​ also became part of the hunting party!
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It was fantastic to be able to add Darci to the mix this year! We WILL get some white tails at some point!
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Shawn: Hoping to one day to actually create some of this apparel from +Last American Runner
It's cold outside this morning! This got us thinking winter, cold, cross country, and all sorts of other random ideas....
Needless to say, along with the dance-anthem of the year, we approve this hoodie!

#clothing   #eatsleepraverepeat   #running  
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Darci: I, unlike +Shawn Daugherty​, will not be growing a beard...
Getting the hunting beard going for deer season a few weeks from now. It'll cut out a ton of cold weather on my face issues.
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Shawn: Last night #ClubDaugherty  were fortunate enough to nail some tickets to +Bassnectar in Kansas City, Missouri. For those of you unaware, Bassnectar falls in the musical category of EDM (electronic dance music), so that would mean deep bass, synthesized music, and computer generated beats. Genres of EDM include house, trance, techno, dubstep, chill, downstep, etc...
This was the first fully functional EDM concert that +Darci Daugherty and I were able to get to, and we had an absolutely mind blowing good time!

#EDM   #ClubDaugherty  
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Enduring and overcoming the world together.
We're actually a married couple; Shawn and Darci Daugherty. We wanted to create a joint account on Google+ so that our friends and family can easily see what's going on in our lives. We don't really sleep, and we're constantly moving around the countryside. Between living a life of coffee and soccer; we're always up to something new!
Bragging rights
Shawn: homeless, trailer park survivor, and Taco John's addict. Darci: gluten allergy with a cheese obsession.
  • University of Phoenix
    Business and Marketing, 2013 - present
    Darci: Starbucks and the Kansas City Shock keeps me on my business toes; heading online keeps my flexibility, but also helps me in both my 'real world' jobs.
  • Southwest Baptist University
    Political Science/Education, 2005 - 2009
    Shawn: Spent four years at a lovely university of Southern Baptist preaching...I mean...teaching, while receiving degrees in Education and Political Science.
Basic Information
Darci: Starbucks Shift Supervisor; Shawn: CEO of the Kansas City Shock
  • Starbucks
    Shift Supervisor, present
    Darci: Loving coffee and never sleeping! I work at the Starbucks located in St. Joseph, Missouri. I'm up for promotion next year; hoping to become an assistant store manager at a located in Kansas City.
  • Kansas City Shock
    Chief Executive Officer, 2011 - present
    Shawn: I'm the founding archetect of the Kansas City Shock; a premier women's soccer team located in Kansas City. We reach to people around the world ensuring that the beautiful game reaches all people and isn't limited to only a few.
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St. Joseph, Missouri
We purchased our first Mazda together at Premier Mazda of Kansas City! We're a young couple who never witnessed the 'car buying experience' before, but only knew of rumors. Donny took great care of us, walking us through the process, an event that we'll always remember and cherish. Now, we have a '13 Mazda3 with great gas mileage and affordable monthly payments. We'd highly recommend Premier Mazda of Kansas City to anyone!
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