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That's bullshit he lives in a free country to feel and say what he feels get over it
You can say what you want as long as you can deal with the consequences......his is no body will respect him.
I lived in Philly and still own home there,white boi needs to roll out of Philly.He will be fighting a black man every Sunday no matter where he goes,watch what you ask for
I wonder if Riley Cooper respects a man who assaults women on a bus
Im guessing he's going to be wide open protection I'm pretty sure NFL field justice is a hell of alot worse than street justice
Riley Cooper was WRONG!!v FLAT OUT WRONG!! And he should take the necessary steps in his life to fix that flaw. What he did is very similar to taking The Lord 's name in vein. If He can offer forgiveness with repenting and TRUE IN THE HEART apologies then we as his children need to do the same and move on. 
It goes for EVERYONE THOUGH ALL RACES!! Practice what you PREACH!!
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