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open road - all you got is an adventure in front of you
open road - all you got is an adventure in front of you

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Hey everyone.
If you haven` t seen it yet i think you should check it out.
Doesn` t cost anything but pays you for creating and curating content.
A new social network based on blockchain technology.

You can find me there too:

Steemit is a social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content. It leverages a robust digital points system, called Steem.

Post has shared content and signed ssl certs for everyone.....
The official LetsEncrypt client is now available in Fedora, providing free, easy, signed SSL certificates for everyone. Read more about how to use LetsEncrypt in this Fedora Magazine article.

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Paris Attackers Used Unencrypted Phones, SMS

In the wake of the Paris tragedy, unscrupulous lawmakers and media reporters have suggested encryption was to blame, is therefore evil, and must be stopped.

As it turns out, though, these 'Masterminds' weren't encrypting their conversations at all, using unencrypted cellphones and plain old SMS text messaging.

Imagine that: real life villains are often dumb and not Agents of Spectre on the cutting edge of tech.

While I'm not one to say this often, I strongly encourage everyone to spread this story, because the liberty destroying counter narrative is certainly already being spread.

Don't let fear make us less safe by forcing us all to electronically leave a key under the mat for the cops, which other bad guys will surely find, too.

#Encryption #Paris #Security

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On 9 July 2015, the European Parliament might destroy photography

Please sign and share this petition:

The Freedom of taking photos in public places is under attack. Until now, in most countries in Europe you were safe to take and publish photographs that are taken from public ground – This is called Freedom of Panorama. When you were on vacation, you could take a photo from the London Eye and share it with your friends on Facebook. If someone wanted to pay you for using this photo, that was okay as well. Both is about to change may destroy photography as we know it.

Julia Reda, member of the European Parliament, tried to bring the Freedom of Panorama to all countries of the EU, as few countries like France and Italy don’t have such law yet. In the majority of countries such as the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Croatia, you’re safe to take photos of public buildings.

However, the current draft turned the proposal upside down. Instead of bringing the Freedom of Panorama to the few countries that don’t know such law yet, it would take it away from all those who do. With this, Street-, Travel- and Architecture-Photography would be dead as we know it. It is impossible to find out the architect of every public building in order to ask for permission.

I therefore call on the members of the European Parliament to

Not limit the Freedom of Panorama in any way

and instead to

Bring the Freedom of Panorama to all member states of the EU

so that the European Citizens can be assured to act within the law when taking and publishing photographs from public buildings anywhere in the European Union. This is necessary to embrace our European Culture and Art!

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Scheinbar ist scheiße verkaufen doch ein lohnendes Businesskonzept :D

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That sounds like some nice blockchain tech. Worth to keep an eye on it.

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