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Ryuutei Sebastien BLANC
"I'd make a suggestion, but you wouldn't listen. no one ever does." —— Marvin
"I'd make a suggestion, but you wouldn't listen. no one ever does." —— Marvin

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There's not a lot of pictures of carnivorous plants during winter time out there.
So here some.

yep it's less green and sexy but it's like that during cold season.
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So I just unplugged my recently aquired trackball Perixx because it's so frustrating to use.

After a week it started being difficult to clic on icon, and even more annoying to select text. By changing the ball with a logitech one it became a bit more usable. but now that almost a month passed I'm so frustrated to take an eternity trying to clic icons, select text, or even drag&drop that I unplugged the damn thing and got back to my old G3 logitech.

I'll keep it as a backup pointer but i definitely not recommend that cheap trackball

Next time i will invest in a hundred bucks thing in hope it will last and be good.


The old google+ interface is not working anymore.
the new one still don't accept webm

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Poison Ivy

in 1992 Batman

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A weird mushroom is growing under my carnivorous plants.

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One of the rare good french speaking TV show "Le Dessous des Cartes" (Beneath the maps) made today an excellent episode about #GoogleMaps explaining that gmaps shows a different map according to where you connect to it.

・ In china they show taiwan as a region of china
It has something to do with the local laws that enforce the representation of the country's map, as explained with the india/china example india may juridically attack google for not showing the wanted region as theirs ; also big market for google.
・ Sometimes they follow the UN convention sometimes not.

The most interesting is the conclusion, the presenter J-C.Victor says *"Google is an agnostic cartographer, pretending that there's no unique map […] but users will see the map their country wants to see" * (It's in french, there's probably german subtitles)

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2016-08-31 Tydirium Shuttle
#StarWars   #lego  
2016-08-31 Tydirium Shuttle
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Another one. Yeah it's not dubbing.

--she also deleted her twitter account recently 😟
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